More and more people are opting to lease a car instead of buying one. It’s estimated that one out of every three cars that are driven off the lot are leased now. Many people are also deciding to use a car lease broker like F1 Auto Leasing to help them find the best lease deal around. A car lease broker helps you to lease a car by negotiating, arranging financing and doing research all for you. This can be a great way to save time and hassle for people. As leasing a car has become more and more complex, many people feel better about the whole process when working with a professional car lease broker. A car lease broker can help you to understand all the policies and terminology that go along with a lease and help guide you towards the right one for you. For people that just plain don’t like going to a dealership and dealing with car salesman, a car lease broker is a great and easy way to forgo having to go to a dealership at all. Due to all the great benefits of using a car lease broker, there has been many people wondering what to look for in a car lease broker so we’ve compiled a list of some things.

Certifications A car lease broker should be licensed to buy and sell cars in your state. They should also have insurance. While this isn’t a certification, a good car lease broker should also have positive reviews. Researching the company and broker online or through asking around town can help you discern whether a particular broker is worth your time and money.

Professional A car lease broker shouldn’t give you an uncomfortable salesman vibe. A car lease broker works for you trying to get you the best deal. They should be able to knowledgeable answer all of your questions. They should also know about deals in your area and be able to give you referrals.

Former Car Salespeople The best car lease brokers are people that used to sell cars themselves. They will know the best way to negotiate and find the best deals for you. Some companies like Navy Federal,  American Express and Costco have their own car-buying programs that you can use usually for free if you are an employee or in the case of Navy Federal, a member.