If you own a vehicle you will be aware that they are generally depreciating assets.  The exception to this rule is those vehicles which are extremely rare or are desirable simply because they have been owned by a celebrity.

However, this does not mean you have to except that the value of your vehicle will be less than you paid for it.  The value of any object is established by how much someone is willing to pay for it.  The more desirable your vehicle looks the higher the price tag you will be able to achieve.  

There are several ways of achieving this and improving the value of your vehicle; either against book price or the purchase price:


There are many professional firms which will offer you auto-detailing.  The best ones, such as Auto Detailing Pro will have a well established reputation and a huge range of suggestions regarding the best techniques to improve your vehicle.

Auto-detailing involves adding graphics to the outside of your vehicle; this can simply change the look and the feel of the car or can even be used to cleverly disguise blemishes which are difficult or impossible to remove.

This level of attention can also be taken to the inside of your vehicle.  Auto-detailing inside your vehicle can involve recovering seats, dashboards, door panels or even completely refitting them all!  The end result will be a vehicle which will catch other people’s eyes and make your car desirable, and therefore worth more.

It is worth noting that the cost of auto-detailing can quickly mount which is why many people do this for the love of the vehicle.  Although it will increase the value of your vehicle it does not mean you will get back the funds you have invested.


An alternative way to improve the value of your vehicle is to ensure it has been fully serviced.  This may be difficult if you have purchased it with a limited service history.  In this instance you can opt to have a complete and thorough service with all the main components replaced.  Keeping the servicing up to date after this will ensure the value stays high.


One of the simplest and most cost effective ways to add value to your vehicle is to clean it.  A good wash, wax and even polish will make your car look much more desirable.  In addition, you should be sure to shine up the tires and any other external parts to make sure the entire vehicle dazzles.

Of course, you must extend this cleaning to the inside of the vehicle.  Whilst the first impression counts, you will also need to ensure they remain happy; even when test driving.  A clean and shiny car can easily detract from any small niggles and increase the value they are willing to pay for your vehicle.


A surprising way to add value to almost any vehicle is simply to let it grow old!  Older cars are known as classics because they represent the cars of yesteryear.  Even the most popular cars of twenty years ago will start to become rare; if you have kept one and looked after it you will start to see the value sky rocket!  Of course, at this point you may not wish to part company with it!