Announcing The Latest Line Of Tool-Inspired Dining Ware By Wrenchware .

Wrenchware takes traditional tools, and turns them into long-lasting dining ware, for either indoor or outdoor use.

NATIONWIDE, ADD DATE, 2014—Versatility is the key to producing superior outdoor gear, and gear that becomes the go-to favorite for those who love working with their hands. It is this idea that inspired the latest line of tool-inspired products from Wrenchware. Wrenchware is a line of dining ware inspired by everything from wrenches, pliers, tires, and pistons.
“While the line may initially look as if they are novelty pieces, they are in fact premium quality products made from lightweight stainless steel and other durable materials—each which come in their own versatile travel cases.” ADD NAME

While some Wrenchware products, such as the 3-piece utensil set, can be used as actual tools—they are designed first and foremost for eating and drinking. The high quality, lightweight materials Wrenchware relies on—make their line ideal for outdoor use while hiking, camping, fishing, and for use in the workshop or garage.
“This line of products is an ideal way to keep the general kitchen utensils separate from the workshop or garage—and is a more durable solution to the plastic and disposable items so often used outdoors or while working. It is a gift that anyone who works with tools will enjoy—and one that stands out from the crowd.” ADD NAME

Wrenchware is the creation of ADD CITY AND/OR STATE based Jay Jonas, who is a self-proclaimed avid gearhead and fisherman—who was searching for something his fellow enthusiasts would appreciate. The Wrenchware line solves the need for sturdy workshop, garage, and outdoor dining ware—while still being fun and cool.
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