When considering performance adders you have a few options. The best, most powerful, most efficient performance enhancer on the market today for Jeep Wranglers. Is the Prodigy Performance turbo system designed for the 3.6l and 3.8l Jk Wrangler. This system will increase your vehicles stock horsepower and torque by more than 100%. The system is a complete bolt on system and is intended to work flawlessly with your stock internals. Therefore, no other upgrades are required when purchasing this performance adder.

The most expensive option is going to the a Jeep hemi swap, this delivers good performance that is almost as good as the turbo system but comes with thirty thousand dollar price tag. Not to mention the added weight will equate to over 500lbs and the time required to install is over 2 weeks and includes a hefty labor rate. Lastly, a Jeep Supercharger is the remaining route. This will yield about a 40%-50% increase in horsepower and torque. Jeep Jk Supercharger is by far the least noticeable in regards to increases in performance and drivability.

Systems of this nature which utilize superchargers require the engine to work much harder in order to facilitate the demand for more power. Whereas, the turbo system works off of wasted exhaust to spin the turbine and requires no extra demand from the engine in order to run the turbo itself. The supercharger system yields far less efficiency and should be taken into consideration before puling the trigger. Between the hemi swap, turbo, and Jeep Wrangler Supercharger the Prodigy turbo system remains king.

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