Would you call it a saturated market if you knew there were over 200 million SUVs on the road these days?

It might be; that’s a tad competitive. But, if you’re scouring the net to find out more about the best SUVs of 2021, scour no longer!

Below, we’re going to lay out the highlights of the top three picks in this class. No matter which vehicle ends up in your driveway, you won’t be disappointed.

Ford Explorer

There’s a reason the Ford Explorer has been a top-seller since its inception. It offers safety and reliability; it comfortably seats the whole family; it starts at a reasonable price point.

In fact, with plenty of cargo space, it’s made for a family on the go. Best of all, the front seats are known to be very comfortable for the driver and passenger.

It’s also beefy enough to handle an off-roading adventure or two and tow a small trailer. Year after year and model after model, the Explorer continues to prove families can have it all.

For more info, check out six key things to know about this beauty.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Coming in at a similar price point (the mid $30,000s), the Jeep Grand Cherokee is another top performer in its class.

Although it consistently ranks as the best sports utility vehicle, there’s something new and exciting for the 2021 model, in particular.

The Grand Cherokee L comes with three rows of seating while still laying claim to its impressive 4×4 capabilities.

While it continues to maintain its iconic design, there are also plenty of bells and whistles to add on like a moon roof, leather trim seats, Apple Car Play, a 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot, and more.

It’s another case where you can own one of the best new SUVs and never have to fear the feeling of being jostled about in a rough ride.


If you’d like to remain in a similar class of SUVs, but amp up the luxury a little, then you have to go with the BMW X5.

Like the Explorer and Grand Cherokee, the X5 is built to last. This year, however, they released the most show-stopping trim level.

It’s called the Black Vermilion with Frozen Black Paint, 22″ wheels, and bright red accents on the double kidney grille. It’s impeccably appointed and one-of-a-kind.

No matter which trim level you choose, you’re looking at a powerful engine, a sleek design, and endless touches of elegance in the spacious interior.

The Best SUVs of 2021

In a semi-saturated market, these are the best SUVs of 2021. When you drive one home, you’re gifting your family a lifetime of adventure.

Each of these SUV reviews proves they can handle any terrain, seat the whole crew comfortably, and offer unparalleled reliability.

Anytime you’re in the market for a new set of wheels, we hope you’ll come back to visit our blog! All our content is curated to take you out on the roads in unparalleled style.