To have a smooth and safe driving experience without any hindrance, one needs to fit a good clutch kit into their vehicle. As there are many types of Clutch kits available in the market, one will find it hard to select one.

Therefore, here are certain things you need to know about various kinds of clutches before buying one for yourself.


The very first step to buy a clutch for you is to determine your usage. Your clutch will differ according to the kind of vehicle you are going to attach it to. One could not attach a clutch for a racing car into a normal car.

Your clutch kit will also differ according to the terrain on which you will be driving your vehicle. Wetter terrain requires a special kind of clutch. Therefore, you should buy a clutch based on the level of performance and durability you are expecting from your clutch kit.

What is Your Type

A clutch kit is available in various types, and a buyer needs to choose the right one for them according to their vehicle and needs.

Multiple Plate Clutch

If you are either a car racer or have a race car, this is the right kind of clutch for you. Moreover, this clutch kit is also suitable for motorcycles and various locomotives.

Wet And Dry Clutch

For drivers who often take their vehicles on wet and rainy tracks, this type of clutch would be an ideal choice. This clutch not only prevents slipping but also comes with multiple discs, which makes your driving smoother and durable.

Moreover, dry clutches do not contain any cooling lubricants, making them ideal for wet conditions. In contrast, a wet clutch contains a lot of cooling lubricant, which increases its efficiency in desert-like conditions.

Cone Clutch

Drivers who travel in places with a lot of sporadic or uneven traffic zones are required to switch their gear frequently. Changing gears at such a rate can be disadvantageous for your vehicle. Therefore, one should consider buying a cone clutch kit.

This kind of clutch offers smooth gear transition making it ideal for such situations.

Torque Limiter Clutch

When a racer travels at a speed of 300 km/hr, any slight increase in resistance or speed variation can cost them their lives. Therefore, it is important to use a torque limiter clutch which allows the clutch to slip when the vehicle faces high resistance.

Centrifugal Clutch

When driving in a hilly train, one often faces steep slopes where the engine of the car remains idle for long durations. In such cases, one needs to ensure that their vehicle is balanced.

Centrifugal clutch with its advanced clutch shoes ensures that your vehicle’s component remains in control in such cases.

Non- Slip clutches

In a crash gearbox scenario where a driver finds it very difficult to change gears, a non-slip clutch becomes very important.

This kind of clutch prevents damage to the engine while smoothly switching the gear in crush gearbox or non-synchromesh transmissions.