It’s highly important to get at least a very basic knowledge about the prices for transportation your car across the USA:

That is how you can easily avoid overpaying and can plan your budget in advance. On the other hand, ordinary googling “How much does it cost to ship a car?” will not give you a real idea as everything will be shown on average. We will disclose these average costs as well as the main factors you need to take into consideration.

How much does it cost – ship a car on average?

If we take overall information about the quote to ship a car throughout the United States within a great variety of the transportation companies, we will see the price of 950 USD. There is also some information in regards to the highest and the lowest average cars shipping quotes which are 700 USD and 1,200 USD accordingly.

But within these examples we have no idea about which distances and destinations we are talking about in these “average” cases. To help you to count your approximate car shipment quote with a little bit more accuracy, the average price per mile is about 0,60 USD, but only if we are considering a distance of at least 1,000 miles. The deal here is that for a short-distance trip the transportation companies normally charge much more per mile – up to 2 USD depending on the particular mileage. The reason for this is that it’s not that profitable and efficient for the carriers to drive shorter trips.

Choosing a better deal

Answering a question “How much does it costs to ship a car?” is not enough if we are talking about the possibilities to get a better quote. To do so you need to know also which factors can influence the price and, therefore, to evaluate if you can make use of some of them.

One of the main chances to change the price is to change an enclosed transportation to an open one. The difference between these two types of the transporters can reach up to 60 percent. On the other hand, the price should not be the main priority for you when arranging your vehicle’s delivery. You should carefully consider all the disadvantages of open transport, especially if we are talking about valuable cars. Here you should be ready to let your car be affected by various weather conditions on the way as well as birds and other possible obstacles.

The distance the transportation company will need to cover to deliver your car from point A to point B is one more significant aspect. To make the final cost lower, you can always consider terminal-to-terminal delivery instead of a more traditional door-to-door one. If your locations are very remote from the main routes and big cities, this option can save you up to a few hundreds of dollars (even if taking into consideration fuel consumption you will have while driving your car to the terminals).

Your car’s parameters are also important. The heavier and more massive a car, the more it will cost to transport it.

The carrier itself can make the deal more or less attractive for the potential customers. Advanced insurance and its higher coverage, different discounts available, 24/7 customer service, user-friendly interface of the website – these are just a couple of the reasons to choose a particular company even if its prices are not the lowest in the industry. On the opposite side, a great number of negative reviews from the previous customers, poor service and limited offers should be a reason for more careful consideration of the carrier and its reputation to avoid misconduct and bad experience.

Frankly speaking, when dealing with a car’s transportation a too cheap offer, especially from new, inexperienced companies can mean bad conditions of the transporting (for example, old and unsafe trucks). If you consider your vehicle as a valuable possession, you should always check the reviews of the company as well as its background. To check the license and, therefore, the legality of its professional services, you can visit the website of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Sometimes it’s very easy to make the final price at least a little bit more attractive and you can always discuss the possibilities with the carrier’s representatives. Nowadays the competition between the transporters is very high, and every company will try its best to attract and keep as many customers as possible. All the details are discussible and, in most cases, you can arrange every particular detail for your convenience. For example, instead of terminal-to-terminal delivery to agree on meeting at some spots on the truck’s way.