According to the Federal government, about 6 million car crashes occur every year. More than ninety people die every from car accident related injuries every day and three million people get injured from this accidents yearly.

Now, that’s some scary statistics and chances are you could be among the numbers.

So, does it not make sense to make preparation just in case you find yourself in an auto crash? This article aims to provide you with a checklist of what to do immediately after a car accident.

Check for injuries 

The first thing you want to do after a crash is to stop and check whether you sustained any injuries. Also, verify whether those driving with you are safe, do same even for the other vehicle.

Protect the scene

You can notify vehicles approaching the crash scene either setting up flares or keeping your car flashers on. Don’t move or touch anything until the police come around except in a situation where the cars are blocking the road and traffic are building up.

Notify the police

Immediately you’ve ensured no one is hurt, call the police – even if it’s just a minor crash with no injuries – it’s a good idea to do so since you might need a police report to claim damages for your vehicle.

Remember to be as accurate as possible while filling the report, include every detail you can remember and also keep a copy of the report in case you end up in court later.

Record all the details

Except in if you’re seriously injured it is crucial you keep a detailed documentation of what happened. Take pictures of the vehicles involved, take pictures of any damage to the car and if you’re injured also snap it.

Other details you to include in your account of the accident:

  • All names and contact information of everyone involved in the crash and also the contacts of witnesses. You may have to call on these witnesses if there is disagreement over the cause of the accident.
  • The exact time, date and location of the accident
  • The insurance information of drivers involved
  • Visibility, road, and weather conditions.

Contact your insurance agent

Most insurance agents would prefer to be contacted immediately you were involved in an auto crash. So it’s essential you notify them as soon as you can since this could be the difference between successfully claiming damages and forfeiting it.

When you contact your insurance agent, they should be able to inform you what you need to do, and if there’re documents, you may have to sign.

Consider hiring an attorney

Things could get messier, and one party might decide to go to court, if you find yourself in such situation, your best bet would be to hire a qualified car accident lawyer to represent you.

Bottom line

Though no one wishes to be involved in an auto crash but being prepared will surely make it easier to handle when it eventually occurs, and you’d know what to do to settle any fallout.