If you are looking to fit a new exhaust system or existing 4wd exhaust systems repair to improve the performance of your vehicle with an improved exhaust system, then it is a good idea and you should also know about exhaust systems.

Adding a great performance exhaust system to your vehicle is one of the best investment that will give you great returns back. A performance exhaust system will give you best result in increased horsepower, fuel efficiency and stylish appeal. We install various kind of performance exhaust systems depending on the vehicle and the requirement of customers. These exhaust systems are specifically for the performance applications, such as for increasing better performance, better gas mileage and overall better fuel efficiency.

There are some reasons to change or upgrade your existing restrictive and old factory exhaust systems, for a free-flowing and high-Performance Exhaust. With improved exhaust systems, you should have benefited from reducing the heat which is generated by your engine & turbo and making them work more efficiently.

At Trufit Exhausts, we know that how much Australians love their 4x4s vehicles so we only use, supply and install brands of exhaust systems Australia that guarantee first class and advanced components, materials and engineering. We have a skilled team of mechanics and a fully equipped workshop. We are expert in 4×4 exhaust systems and in 4wd exhaust fittings with 25 years of experience. We work on both types of vehicles such as classic and modern & we offer a great warranty on all our work and parts. Unlike our competitors in the industry, our Trufit warranty is Australia Wide.

We offer to supply services and install services for petrol and diesel 4wds which include all makes and models for cat back systems or dump pipe back. We are also expert in creating custom-made systems and extreme 4wd systems in mild steel or stainless. We ensure that our all 4×4 exhaust systems that we create, fix it or install perfectly for our clients. You would have a guarantee of the maximum performance gains from Trufit 4×4 performance exhaust system. We are dedicated to providing a quick turn-around time to get you back on the road.

We take a pride on providing the proper advice to our each and every valued client. We also offer various options where applicable, and make sure your requirements of 4×4 exhaust systems are met.

At Trufit, all 4wd exhaust systems are guaranteed to go the distance. That’s why we provide an industry-leading warranty on our range. All of our exhaust systems Australia are available with a high flow diesel-specific catalytic converter where it needs, together with high flow mufflers, to ensure your 4×4 remains compliant with vehicle noise and emissions requirements.