Today, many tools on the market can make life easier for a person with a disability and give him back much of his freedom of movement. The wheelchair for daily travel, lift systems for the bridging of stairs and entrances and other aids ensure more independence and zest for life. Even with the car, a wheelchair user can stay mobile, thanks to a particular wheelchair lift for car.

Entry-level Assistance for the Car

Meanwhile, it is not only possible that the wheelchair user without having to rely on significant third-party assistance, can get into a car, but there are even specific constructions with which this can lead a vehicle itself.

To be able to drive and leave a motor vehicle (motor vehicle), various solutions are offered in the trade, taking into account different spatial conditions and needs.

Self-propelled vehicles offer converted and disability-matched cars, such as a rear lowering system. Also, attaching a ramp is common.

In the variant of the car wheelchair lift for the disabled, the wheelchair user bridges the height difference by a lift, which he drives and with which he is brought to the desired height level so that he can operate independently from there into the vehicle or reposition.

Equipment Features of the Car Wheelchair Lift

The car wheelchair lift can be mounted on the side door as well as on the rear and in this case functions like a lift or a small elevator. As this lift system is used outdoors for vehicles, the materials used are particularly robust and weather-resistant. It is completely adapted to the needs of a wheelchair user and therefore, depending on the model with large, one-sided or double-sided platforms, the lift system, a control element, usually designed as a one-hand operation and designed various extras.