One of the keys to keeping your vehicle in good condition for as long as possible is to take care of your engine. Forget about the indestructible motors of yesteryear that drove for hundreds of thousands of miles without the slightest mechanical problem, but also consumed a considerable amount of fuel and released massive clouds of black and nauseating smoke into the atmosphere. Another critical aspect to keep in mind is that your tires must be properly inflated. 

Indeed, if the tires are not correctly inflated, the bearings and the suspension of your car will be exposed to a lot of pressure. Also, although it may not seem evident at first, you can find a lot of information about your car by just observing its engine oil. Remember, your engine will function better if you regularly drain (at least once a year) the oil. 

Therefore, one of the ways to extend the life of your vehicle is to change the engine oil regularly. It is also recommended that you carry out an oil changing operation every 5000 miles and to choose an oil that is specially adapted to the type of motor that you have. Remember, when checking the engine oil in your vehicle, it is essential to make sure that the car has been stopped for the previous five hours. 

For this reason, it is advisable to wait until the next day and then check the engine oil on your vehicle before starting your car. Also, make sure you use your car regularly. They need to stretch their legs from time to time to work better. 

Remember, car repair prices can be rather high. These are costs that sometimes, even for a scratch on the bumper, can amount to several hundred dollars. Or the repairs may even cost several thousand dollars when there is a lot of damage.

Check the different filters regularly. If they are too dirty, the best solution is to replace them. Remember, air filters can also be found in your engine, where they filter the passage of air to the motor. Brake cleaner is another useful tool that you may employ to keep your car fully functional.

Also, do not torture your turbocharger. The turbocharger is a mechanical device that has particularly high rotational speeds. Also, remember that a clogged pump passage may lead to issues during acceleration.

For those who want to clean their carburetor, there are a few steps you should take. Remember, only when the outside of the carburetor is perfectly clean can you start dismantling. Therefore, then disassemble it to examine the condition and see if any deposit hinders the proper functioning. 

Fill a small container with gasoline and put the carburetor in it. The gas will begin to dilute the layer of grease, while you fine-tune the cleaning with a brush. It is then necessary to carry out a complete cleaning of the carburetor.

Remember, there are a few possible causes of a flat battery. One common reason for a flat battery is you may accidentally leave your lights on (both indoor and outdoor lights), your radio on or other electrical devices plugged in or left on.