Do you love your car? Chances are, you took a long time researching cars to find exactly the type you were looking for. If so, you may want to do a little work on your car to make it distinctly your own. For instance, you may want to dress up the exterior of your car with a few fun details. Checkout five ways you can enhance the look of your beloved car.

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Underbody Lighting

Maybe you’ve seen underbody lighting on other cars around your town. It’s an unmistakable glowing light sneaking out from a car’s undercarriage or even from just beneath a car’s doors. You can choose from many neon colors such as blue, purple, green, yellow and pink along with others. This will definitely get your car some attention on those nights when you’re heading to the movies, the club or just moving from point A to point B.

New Rims

Getting a set of new rims is a simple yet effective change to the exterior of your car. You can choose rims in a certain style or design to enhance other parts of your car. Shining rims can make your car standout in a crowded parking lot! Visiting a reputable like as “” wheel shop  can help you get some ideas for your new rims.

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Wheel Well Fender Lights

Maybe you want some extra lighting on the exterior of your car, but you don’t want to go as far as getting underbody lighting. Wheel well fender lights can be put on your car pretty easily and cast a colorful light over each wheel.

Racing Stripes

Another way to enhance the look of your car is to add racing stripes to the trunk, the hood or both. This is especially attractive if you have a car in a memorable color such as bright yellow or silver. Racing stripes are available in kits with instructions and it takes very little effort to put them on your vehicle. Make your car look like a racecar every day of the week!

Decorative Lettering

Decorative lettering can be applied to windows of your car. Maybe you want to display your name or the name of your car. Some drivers like to use lettering to express how they feel about driving their car. One of the best things about putting decorative lettering on your car is you can remove it fairly easily when you want to change it.

Lastly, putting these types of embellishments on your car can be a way to express your personality with your favorite ride. Let everyone on the road know how much you enjoy driving your dream car.