No one likes getting stuck on the side of the road. Fortunately, there are some preventative steps you can take so you’re never left stranded and trying to wave someone down for help.

  1. Don’t Run Low on Oil

Your engine oil is crucial to your car’s operations. Make a habit of regularly checking your engine oil and topping it off between service stops. Asking a professional at your nearest auto parts store can help you find the right type, as well as recommendations on how often to top off the fluid.

  1. Don’t Skip Services

It can seem like a budget breaker at times, but attending all of your milestone service stops is imperative to keeping your car on the road. If price is a concern, consider buying your own parts. Looking for discounts on auto parts yourself and taking them to your mechanic can save you some serious cash.

  1. Keep Some Basic Tools on Hand

If you do happen to break down, it’s advisable to have a few parts on hand to keep yourself from getting completely stranded. A spare tire, gloves and a lug wrench can help you quickly contend with a flat, while extra fuses and a fan belt are always good to have available.

  1. Remove Unnecessary Weight

If you store clothes, books and other belongings in your car, you can add some serous weight to your ride over time. This puts strain on your motor and increases the chance of overheating and breaking down. Remove excess weight from your vehicle.

  1. Get Your Battery Checked

Keep an eye on your charge levels. Some auto parts stores offer free automotive battery testing, and can even install a new battery if yours is close to biting the dust.


Head to your nearest auto parts store to start a collection of emergency supplies and get the advice you need to avoid getting stuck on the side of the road. A little bit of preventative care goes a long way, but it’s always best to be prepared just in case. If you are a regular rider then you should not be careless but should always keep in mind the above mentioned tips in order to keep yourself away from getting stuck on the road side.


No doubt there are many more simple tips that can help you in keep riding safe and without any unnecessary stops. Check for them online, learn them and always keep them in mind while riding. You can enjoy your every ride and make it memorable with being a bit careful. There are so many people who make simple mistakes and get stuck on the sides of the road every now and then. Such situations simple burn your pocket and also waste your precious time. So, make a smart move and give importance to little things and never try to ignore such simple things. You can surely ride safe and happily with such tips in mind.