Getting into a car accident can be an understandably stressful time. You want to get your damaged car fixed as soon as possible and get back into your normal routine, but it can be difficult to find a reliable auto body shop. Finding the right shop requires you do conduct research, read reviews, ask the right questions and keep the right things in mind. Here are some questions and things to keep in mind when considering an auto body shop to take your car to.

Warranty Many auto-body repair shops offer warranties on their work or/and different parts that they end up replacing. It’s important to ask about this before deciding on an auto body shop as it may come in handy later on down the road.

Time Of course, the thing most important to people is how long will the repair take. Typically, this varies based on a variety of factors such as the vehicle’s condition, the size of the shop and the availability of parts. The typical repair time is about ten days, but delays in getting special parts and/or from extensive damage can of course delay this figure.

Car Coverage While In Shop This if often one that people forget to think about, but your auto body repair shop should have at least theft and fire insurance in case anything happens to the shop while your car is there. This will make sure that if your car is destroyed, stolen or damaged while in the shop it will be covered. Most people recommend not paying regular car insurance premiums while your car is being worked on, but many states carry penalties for lapse in policies. If you let your car insurance lapse while your car is getting repaired, your mechanic could also be in trouble if they get pulled over while driving it for testing.

Certifications It’s important to look at what types of certification an auto body shop has. Certifications to look for in an auto body shop in Los Angeles would be I-CAR and ASE. This shows that the shop is up to handle any autocraft collision repair. An example of a shop like this in Los Angeles would be Innovative Auto Craft.

Payment Policy A reputable shop will show their payment policies and accepted methods clearly and written in a way that is easy for a potential customer to understand. If this isn’t evident, it’s paramount you ask and try to receive a written estimate.