Nothing ruins a perfectly good vacation than water leaks in your RV home. The hassle of cleaning up and locating the source of the water leak is enough for you to pull your hair out. Water leaks are common in RV owners and proved to cause troubles for your vehicle.

But What Are the Causes of Water Leaks?

They are usually caused by faulty waterworks. Faulty plumbing is the number one cause of water leaks. The water leaking from the toilets or faucets would seep their way inside your walls and ceilings, causing them to rot. Poor maintenance of the RV also causes water leaks.

The thing with water leaks is that the damage is usually hidden until it becomes worse. Water usually goes in and runs down the wall of the RV. The walls absorb water as it leaks causing molds to build up inside and cause damage. Molds are some of the signs of severe damage due to them. Rust can also happen to some metallic components like screws inside the RV when exposed to water for a long time.Related image

How to Locate the Source of a Water Leak

You’ll be needing an additional person for this task. Spray your RV with water; from the roof vents down to the seams. Include the windows in case the leaks come from there. Your companion can help check from the inside for any signs of water leaking out. That way, you can pinpoint the exact location where the problem is

How to Treat Water leaks

Ceiling Leaks

If the damage is in the ceiling of the RV, it’s best to remove it. Any sign of something soft and rotten needs to be removed to avoid further damage to nearby areas. If the ceiling fixtures or frames are starting to rot because of the water leak, make sure to remove them carefully using a saw. Leave the ones that are not damaged alone.

Wall Leaks

The same process can be applied to wall leaks. Take out the damaged ones to avoid spreading. If wall frames and fixtures are hit, take them out too. Be sure to remember exactly where the original frames go so that you have a guide on where to put them back. Take a picture with your phone before taking them out.  

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