First, let us understand that what an auto repair shop is?

An automobile repair shop which is also very commonly known as a garage is a vehicle repair shop. You can get any of your vehicle repairs at an auto repair shop by technicians and skilled mechanics. These skilled technicians are called the saviors or doctors of your car or any vehicle.

These auto repair shops have heavy duty machines available with them which can detect any problem in your vehicle or automobile be it related to ignition, machinery or change of oil, tire, paint, windshield, etc. There are numerous things to be repaired in an automobile.

These heavy duty machines cost hundreds and thousands of bucks and to keep them updated a tough task though. Though these diagnostic machines are heavy duty and are ultra-expensive, they perform an excellent task such as changing the damaged parts of the car, windshield, etc. did you ever know that windshield is an important thing if it gets destroyed.

It is a safety device which can help reduce crash injuries. Also protects the car against the wind, debris, etc. these machines performs all sorts of functions so as to repair the car. These are a few of the best and trusted auto repair shops in Lamington, Ontario.

  1. John’s Auto Repair Expert Mechanic Services, Lamington – One has to rely on his car/vehicle always as there are errands of tasks in day to day life. John’s vehicle repair services have been available in entire Lamington since 1981. This shop has some of the best experts who provide some excellent services. The services are related to all types of automobiles and have been providing to all the drivers all over Lamington, Ontario. These workers are skilled and so experts that they can perform any task in minutes. It has been rated as the best auto repair shop along with the nomination for Biz – X Magazine award in the year 2010 being the best and outstanding auto repair shop in Ontario.
  2. Auto Rezolutions – Again one such auto garage in Lamington, Ontario which provides excellent services in auto repairs. Use industries’ top brand products and tools and parts in repairing automobiles. Also, provides maintenance services for all brands of automobiles. Use only those products which are considered to be one of the best products.
  3. Parkdale Store and Services – this shop offers an affordable and safe service to all the leading automobiles. Providing affordable and quality service in Lamington since 1976. A reliable auto repair shop which guarantees quality services to its people.

Diagnostic Machine ranges from $5,000 to $10,000. Shop rental fees range from $1,500 to $15,000 per month depending on the size. A good tool set with specialty tools costs $15,000. Insurance cost about $4,000 per annum.

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