You are going to learn something that you probably won’t believe – but, when you think about it, you will realize it’s true.

You are damaging your car

You have probably done this at least once a week and didn’t know it was ruining your car finish or the damage being done to your beautiful – pride and joy – new car. The car wash is the number one worst place to take your new car period. It only takes one inappropriate car wash to ruin the entire look of your car.

Wash operators know this

Operators of car washes knows exactly what their machines are doing to your car. That is why they have signs that are posted everywhere saying that they are assuming no responsibility for any damage that is done to your car. Taking your car to the automatic car wash causes damage to your car. The car wash causes damage to your paint and your trim that only very skilled car detailers can fix for you – ones that are very good like the ones at Detroit Auto Body Repair.

Damages Caused by Car Washes

Dirty bristles collected from other cars that are dirty, spin at very high rotations onto the paint of your car. These results are very find scratches in the paint. The drying materials that are dirty also due to incorrect methods of drying and damaging the beach towels are used to ruin the finish to the max. One big reason is that beach towels made with some polyester in them and that is almost the equal to using steel nails on the paint.

Water Spots in Paint

When driving your car from the car wash, you have water flying out of crevices, never towel dried. In time this water dries on your paint, leaving mineral deposits that are etched into the surface, causing damage that in some cases is permanent.

But I Go to A Touchless Car Wash?

Sorry, but that doesn’t matter. The car wash that is touchless will damage the car paint using their other methods.

Highly Pressurized Water

Such a stream of water can destructively drive particles into the car paint, causing the scratches.

Chemicals extremely dangerous

Dangerous chemicals that are very aggressive are sprayed on your car’s paint which break-down dirt to make it much easier to come off during rinsed-down with pressurized water. These are chemicals that strip away any wax protection, damage the trim that is chrome and stain your rubbers seals. One person worked in one of these touchless car washes and when he was refilling holders of chemical, he spilled some on his hands and he got burns of 2nd degree on his hands. These chemicals that touchless car washes use are dangerous and will ruin your car finish.


Detailers at Detroit collision shop have a flair when it comes to making new cars truly sparkle. There are perfectionist and determined to get out all the stains and smudges and the tiny scratches come out also. You can leave it up to them to make your car have that new look again.