MOT test centres in the UK fail as many as 40% of MOTs at the first time, and the majority of these failures are for real things that the driver could sort out before going to the MOT test centre.

1. Not enough screenwash

Not enough screen wash to clean the screen. While drivers are usually good at remembering to keep the wipers working they do not remember to top up the screenwash. Without enough screenwash, the MOT will fail.

2. Dirty vehicle

Drivers have not got a clean and tidy vehicle. Testers can fail the test if there are clutter and dirt in the car and the grounds that it makes it unsafe in an emergency. So have a tidy up before the test.

3. Number plates

There is something wrong with the number plates. If the number plates do not conform with the DVLA rules, the letters/numbers are obscured, or the plate is too dirty then the test will fail. Make sure that personalised plates stick to the rules, and keep the plates clean.

4. Windscreen

Have nothing on the windscreens that restrict your view. If you have a tax disc, a parking permit or other sticker put them in the bottom corners. The wipers need to be able to wipe just the screen if anything is in their way then move it.

5. Warning lights

Warning lights on the dashboard, whether the warning light is faulty, or the car needs a repair the tester will need to investigate it.

6. Tyres

The tread on the tyres is not thick enough, and if it is less than 1.6 mm thick, then it is a failed MOT.

7. Brakes

The brakes will not work either because the pads are worn, or there is not enough brake fluid.

To increase the chances of passing the first-time check for the simple things before booking the test.