It is always a tough decision to make out whether you want to go with a new vehicle or a pre-owned one. The new cars have some of the advantages such as the latest design and style, low-interest rates, and technical features. All these aspects may make you choose a new car but there are many reasons to opt for a pre-owned car. If you go for a used car you are definitely going to save some money. A brand new car may cost you hefty and moreover, it depreciates in its value very quickly. A new car becomes 54% of its original price just within 3 years of purchasing it.

An average cost of the used cars in Dubai is much below the new car. You shall have to pay lower taxes for the low priced car and insurance payment becomes easier too. Consider the mileage because it is likely to affect your maintenance expenses. When you think of a used car, you may hesitate to buy it because you are not aware of its previous buyers’ history. In such cases, use the tools such as CarProof from where you can gather a good idea about the car. Reports of a vehicle history help you to gain information like the lists of previous owners, previous registration details, and accident history if any.

Points to consider

When you go for a used car you are faced with many questions such as how the car was handled by the previous owner. You may be concerned regarding the durability of the parts of the car or about the parts that have been replaced. There can be a lot of confusions surrounding a used car. Still, keep in mind a few points before opting for a used car. Decide on the car you want to have. Make sure of the brand and its extensive features and see whether it meets your budget requirements. Go only for that car you can afford.

One important point is how long this car has been used by the previous owner. If it has been used for a longer time period then go for a smaller car instead of a big one. Select those cars which were driven by the owners rather than the drivers. When you go for a test drive, take it to different terrains to notice its steering and the unusual noises. Before making the final decision regarding a used car, take adequate time. Remember, hasty decisions may prove you wrong in the long run.

Financial terms and rates

For a new car, you can get attractive financing rates but even if it is in a low rate the financing terms and conditions can spread over a period of 7-8 years. But, with the growth of certified used cars in Dubai and in other places all over the world, this financing term has been really narrowed. The banks offer low rates for the used cars in an aggressive manner but the certified pre-owned cars offer lower rates together with added warranty coverage and elaborate inspection of the vehicles. With the availability of good financing options, the craze for purchasing a new car is gradually fading.