When it comes to vinyl car wraps, there are certain things that you should know. Click here for our guide on wrapping cars.

Are you a small business owner looking for an effective way to advertise your business? Consider investing in mobile advertising. It is inexpensive and will reach a larger audience faster.

Mobile advertising comes in various forms. Vinyl car wraps are one that is quite popular. Not only does it garner attention, but it is perfect for building your brand in a local market. Wrapping a car will not damage the paint and you can change the design at any time.

To be effective your vehicle has to be on the road. Or you can park it in a high traffic area. For instance, if you attend a professional sporting event or venture to the mall the advertising will get seen by more people.

You can also pay someone to drive the vehicle on major thoroughfares during peak traffic times.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about automobile wraps.

What is Vinyl Car Wraps?

If you’re wondering what’s car wrapping the answer is simple. A vinyl car wrap is a mode of advertising that allows graphics to be printed on vinyl sheeting and adhered to the body of a vehicle.

You can apply automobile wraps to any size car, truck or van. They also can be skimmed down to be applied to certain portions of the vehicle like the door or sides. The advertisement can also be applied to windows because they use clear vinyl.

How to Get the Best Deal?

To get the best deal on wrapping a car, decide which vehicle will be used for the treatment. Next, have a graphics person create the artwork. Most companies that do vehicle wraps will have someone in house to do the artwork.

Before deciding to allow the business to create the artwork, have a good idea of what you want to be done. This will cut down on revision costs and speed up the process.

Research companies in your area and get at least three estimates. You’ll also want to check review sites to see what past customers are saying about their work.

Getting a Good Return on Investment?

Getting a vinyl car wrap should not be a spur of the moment decision. Like any business purchase, you’ll want to weigh the pros and cons. The biggest question to ask is whether or not your target audience will see your vehicle.

If you operate your business in the same neighborhood where you live, then it may not be a good use of resources. However, if you have to travel a good distance to get to the office, including interstates and highways, go for it.

Businesses like construction companies or cleaning services will benefit from an automobile wrap. These types of companies go to their client’s homes or offices. They will get great exposure because the vehicle is sitting in a new location every day.

Does it Take Long to Wrap a Vehicle?

Wrapping a car is a relatively quick process. Once the artwork is approved, the design is printed on the vinyl and cut. The customer brings the vehicle in, and the wrap is applied. The process generally takes several hours on a standard vehicle.

It will take longer on large box trucks and semis. Regardless, your vehicle will not be out of commission for an extended period of time.

How Does it Benefit My Brand?

Every business owner should be thinking about branding when it comes to advertising. Think about delivery companies like Amazon, FedEx, and UPS, You know their vehicles by the logo and color scheme.

When it comes to your car wrap, this should be your goal. People will recognize your business every time they see your company car. When the time comes that they need what you’re offering, your business will come to mind.

Will My Insurance Rate Increase?

Business vehicles have their own rates when it comes to insurance. Having a car wrap should not impact the price you pay. Now if you’re using your personal vehicle to do company business, you could be impacted.

Before having a vinyl wrap installed on a personal vehicle, check with an insurance provider to see if there will be any negative implications.

How Long Should I Leave the Wrap on the Vehicle?

Vinyl car wraps can last for a pretty long time and can have a quality life span that has exceeded five years. Car owners who trade out vehicles frequently shouldn’t have a problem.

For owners that keep cars over a longer period of time, getting a new wrap every two to three years is recommended. Not because the wrap won’t last, but to keep up with changes in your business model and advertising.

Consider QR Codes, NFC Tags and Snaptags

Before we go, there are some key features you should consider when investing in an automobile wrap for mobile advertising. Keep in mind most people who see your vehicle will be traveling on roadways. You’ll need to come up with a method for them to capture information quickly.

Have your business and website name, or phone number boldly displayed on each side of the vehicle and across the back. Also, include your social media handles. If someone is stopped next to your vehicle or has a passenger in the car, they can take a quick photo.

You may also want to have NFC Tags, QR Codes and Snaptags displayed. These are great marketing tools to have in the current digital era.

Each of these is ways technology helps businesses connect with smartphone users. They have codes embedded in the tags that when scanned will upload your business information or website to the device.

Are You Sold on Getting a Vehicle Wrap for Your Business?

Vinyl Car Wraps has its advantages. If you believe your business vehicle will get noticed there is no reason not to give it a try.

Are you a business owner looking for more information to benefit their company vehicles? Get more useful tips under our Tips & Guides section.