Looking for a muscle car?

One of the most iconic vehicles in this segment is the Chevrolet Camaro. People seeking a muscle should check out the new 2023 version as it comes with even better specs that would change the way you ride.

People line up to buy this vehicle when visiting Glenwood Chevrolet dealer. From its design to power, performance, and everything else; this is what you need when thinking about a muscle car to acquire.

Why it is the muscle car you need?

A muscle car needs to have a powerful engine along with the ability to perform certain duties that it is given. A Camaro will carry out its duties on the road to the point where none can be unsatisfactory. Moreover, on track, it becomes a beast that most rivals would fear at the sound of its roar. You need this muscle car because of this power and mother details.

Power of a Camaro

Most people who opt for a Camaro always go for the V6 or V8 powertrains to attain maximum power. The V6 is capable of delivering 335 hp, while the V8 will offer 455 horses. However, even though the base engine is surprisingly quick but people avoid it as might have an uneven throttle retort, etc.

Both V6 and V8 powertrains have a distinct soundtrack when revved; the V8 will roar tremendously along with liner power availability, chest squashing acceleration, and more. Moreover, the overall driving experience is enhanced through its dual exhaust system. When it erupts, anyone nearby will be shocked. Also, it comes with a manual six-speed transmission as a standard option; however, V6 and V8 powertrains can be equipped with an automatic ten-speed if required.

The solid build, precise handling, quality vibes, and more lead to having a connection between the car and its driver. Also, it is appropriately balanced to ensure a firm ride and agility on curvy roads; also, it would be compliant when driven on rough surfaces.

In addition, most people want to transcend their class and thus, equip it with a 1LE package. This pairing helps in becoming unbeatable on tracks and yet can have a relaxing drive in cities. Also, its power-steering helps in having an accurate response that makes driving this vehicle effortless. Furthermore, this package integrates Brembo brakes to make the system more powerful and accurate at stopping.

To get a feel of this car’s power, reach Glenwood Chevrolet dealership. Visiting a dealership will enable you to take a test drive of this beast after which you will definitely buy it.

Interior and pricing

The interior is driver-centric and thus, it is built likewise. However, it comes with comfortable yet sporty seats and designs that would give off a sporty vibe.

The entry trim costs $27,795. However, you need to get trims like 1SS or 2SS which start from $41,295 and $46,295 respectively. These trims consist of a V8 engine and offer every feature that you need.

When buying a muscle car it should be a powerful one; hence, though there might be options in this category, this is the muscle car you need!