Palmer Administrative Services has become a name synonymous with auto protection plans. With a team of qualified and experienced professionals at the helm, the company with its headquarters in New Jersey has become a preferred choice of vehicle owners. The fact that the company has been successful in the business for over 30 years now is in itself a testimonial. Palmer’s range of auto protection plans are backed by a widespread network of repair service outlets that you can find in both the United States, as well as in neighboring Canada.

What makes the company a favorite with vehicle owners is the wide range of plans that it offers, ideally suited to any budget. The flexible payment options add to the plans attractiveness. Customers can relax in the case of this particular company and talk to them with total confidence, as they are assured of complete transparency, excellent customer service and a claims process that is a breeze. In fact, the company has been setting standards in the auto protection plans industry, through these well thought out strategies.

Coverage options

Apart from the wide variety of plans on offer, what is also good about the protection plans offered by this company are the clearly defined conditions. Remember, whenever you are buying auto protection plans, it is important that you go through all the terms and conditions, thoroughly. In this case, the customer service representative of the company will explain to you in detail about the plan that you are interested for your vehicle.

Based on a thorough analysis of your requirements, you will be then suggested the appropriate plan. For example, if you have an old vehicle, then Palmer’s ‘Basic’ plan would be ideally suited for you. The plan will offer your vehicle protection against some expensive repair bills that may crop up.

New car owners are always on the lookout for a good cover for the parts that play the most crucial role in actually making the car ‘move’. The transmission, along with the engine, and the drive train are without any doubt the most critical parts inside your car. It also goes without saying that these components also count among the costliest in a car. With Palmer’s ‘Powertrain Coverage’, you can ensure comprehensive coverage for these key components.

Apart from the powertrain, you can also find a plan in the company’s range which allows you to seek coverage only for a specific part. Known as the ‘Royal Select’ plan, this is a plan that is very popular with those looking for protection for their new vehicles.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive coverage then you can always choose from the choice of the ‘Classic Plan’ or the ‘Premier Plan’. Both these plans have been designed keeping in view the requirements of new car owners.

Apart from coverage for new cars, one can also find the company offering coverage for used cars too. Typically, these plans are brought by parents looking for an auto protection plan for their children’s first vehicle. After all you don’t want your child to relax and focus on his or her studies rather than worry about their car’s repairs.

Unbeatable combination

As mentioned earlier the potent combination of a wide array of plans, friendly customer service and a hassle-free claims process, courtesy of a cutting-edge collection management system, has been behind the company’s consistent growth story. The next time around you want to get your hand on the best auto protection plan, you need not look beyond Palmer Administrative Services. Remember, their friendly team is only a call away.