Interested in upgrading your car? If you are looking to go beyond minor modifications, you’re going to need to install some aftermarket car par parts.

After all, car manufacturers don’t really sell cars and parts to make it easy for you to customize your vehicle. They expect you to leave it the way it is forever.

But those who really enjoy driving and tinkering with cars know that that’s not an option. A car is only as good as the mods you make to customize it to your own personal taste.

But if you don’t have experience working with aftermarket wheels and other parts, you might not know where to start. If you are looking to learn what aftermarket car parts are, and what to know before buying them, then keep reading our ultimate guide below. 

What are Aftermarket Car Parts?

If you are looking to make upgrades to your vehicle, you have two basic options. You can buy OEM car parts or you can buy aftermarket car parts.

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Installing OEM parts means that the part was made by the same company that made the vehicle. So you know the part was specifically designed to fit a certain vehicle and will work perfectly.

The problem with OEM parts is that they don’t offer the degree of customization that most car enthusiasts are looking for. For that, they need to turn to aftermarket parts.

These are parts made by third-party companies that have no official relationship with automobile manufacturers. The design parts will work in numerous different types of cars. 

Car manufacturers are simply looking to mass-produce a car to be the exact same for every driver. But if you want custom speakers or a radio in your vehicle, or a new steering wheel, or slick rims, you need to choose a company that specializes in making those specific parts.

Are Aftermarket Parts Safe to Use?

When it comes to safety, there are two categories of car parts. There are structural car parts, and there are cosmetic car parts.

Structural parts are those that power the car, move the car, and provide safety. Cosmetic parts, on the other hand, have no impact on the safety or the normal functionality of the vehicle.

They are purely cosmetic in nature and can be replaced without concern. And since most people looking to aftermarket parts are simply looking for cosmetic upgrades, there are few safety concerns. 

What Type of Car Parts are Better?

When car manufacturers design and build a car, they have to balance the budget of the car with functionality. Only the more expensive vehicles are going to have the best equipment and car parts installed in them.

All other budget-friendly vehicles typically get cheap, bland parts. They work, but they don’t wow.

As a result, many aftermarket parts are actually better than OEM parts. For example, think about a stereo system. Car manufacturers aren’t in the business of creating high-quality stereo systems, they are in the business of making cars.

So third-party companies that specialize in making stereo systems can probably do a way better job than Chevy or Ford can. And as long as the third-party company makes the stereo so it fits in your Chevy or Ford, you are good to go.

And the reason that car manufacturers won’t install the best stereo systems from the get-go is that not everyone wants them. They are selling tens of thousands, if not millions of a particular vehicle.

Most people don’t care enough about an upgraded stereo system and wouldn’t be willing to pay the extra cost. 

But since you are willing to pay for an upgraded stereo system, you can do so and have it installed in your vehicle.

Benefits of Aftermarket Car Parts

There are many reasons to choose aftermarket car parts over OEM parts. Here are the most common.

Aftermarket Parts are Cheaper

Another benefit of buying aftermarket parts is that they are often cheaper than buying OEM parts. For example, if your rear-view mirror breaks off and you need a new one, your car dealer is going to charge a lot of money for a replacement OEM part.

But you can get an aftermarket mirror that is designed to fit in your vehicle, that does the same thing as the OEM part, for much cheaper. 

Wider Selection

Buying OEM parts means little to no variety. After all, it’s one car manufacturer and they don’t produce different versions of a product for you to pick and choose. 

But when buying aftermarket, you can choose from dozens, if not hundreds of different companies. They all offer different styles of products with different features and benefits.

This way, you can truly customize your vehicle to be one of a kind.

Choose the Quality You Want

Aftermarket parts can either be lower quality, the same quality, or higher quality than OEM parts. The beauty is that you get to choose.

If you want the best aftermarket parts and are willing to pay for them, then you can enjoy the highest possible quality. But if you don’t particularly care about the quality, and just want to save money, you can buy a cheaper, less durable product that still does the trick.

Finding Aftermarket Car Parts for Sale

Aftermarket car parts are everywhere. You can walk into your local department stores and find them. Or you can visit your nearest auto parts shop, which will have a selection of OEM and aftermarket products to compare.

You can also shop for products online, giving you the greatest variety. Plus, it’s never been easier to buy parts that will work for your specific car.

Many websites offer a tool that allows you to input your car’s year, make, and model, finding aftermarket parts that will fit your car. This narrows down your search, saving you a ton of time and helping you buy with confidence. 

Whether you are looking for a new sound system or niche wheels, you can check out this blog for more ideas and information on different types of parts.

Freedom to Customize

Now that you know that aftermarket car parts are safe, reliable, and beneficial, you don’t need to live under the limits imposed by automobile manufacturers.

Your car is yours and you get to install whatever parts you want to it, so long as it still meets safe driving standards. Enjoy the freedom of upgrading and customizing your vehicle to your heart’s content.

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