Many people do not want to hire professionals to help them move, because they already have all the necessary components to make the moving day successful. However, there are probably a couple of things you do not know about.

However, if you feel like it might be a bit too complicated after reading this article, you can always consider hiring movers instead. You can check out Go With The Gecko or other providers that might be a bit closer to you.

Call your friends and family to help you pack!

  1. Start early

One of the key factors of having a successful DIY move is to start on time. This does not mean that you should start packing a year before, and you should not start packing 3 days before moving. It is important that you start your packing at least 2 weeks before moving.

When you pack you should first pack the items that you do not use as much or that could be replaced for a while. As the moving day approaches start packing other things as well; it is a smart idea to have one box with all the necessities that you should tape shut right before moving.

Supplies you will need to pack:

  • Boxes
  • Tape (masking or scotch tape)
  • Packing tape dispenser
  • Sandwich bags to hold different items
  • Black matter
  • Newspaper or newsprint-white paper to help you pack breakable items
  1. Throw the trash

When you start packing, it is probably the right time to throw away or donate anything that you might not really need. Do not horde old things when moving to a new place, especially if you want a new and fresh start.

  1. The right boxes

There are different types of boxes you should consider; for example, never use the grocery boxes, because they tend to get crushed easily. Use the boxes that are designed for moving or those that are sturdy. This is very important if you want everything to run smoothly.

If you still opt for movers, keep in mind that they can also pick up your furniture for you!

  1. Don’t do everything at once

It is very important that you start on time and not try to finish everything in one day. If things are being too rough, ask people to help you out. In the end, you can always ask movers to help out or give advice. If there are bigger objects that you cannot transport by yourself, consider interstate hire from Go With The Gecko, or ask your local provider for the vehicles they provide.

  1. Choose what suits you the best

If you have too many fragile items that are white and can be stained, you might want to use white paper instead of newspaper. This all depends on your situation, because some believe that you should pack with bubble wrap, while others think that newspaper is no good.

  1. Track your packing

If you want your unpacking to go as swiftly as packing, you should track what you pack. Label the boxes with the items you packed, and make sure to label those that could easily be broken. Those boxes should be handled with special care.

Final word

Of course, after everything is packed, you need to know how to load everything into your car, trunk or however you plan to transport the boxes. There might be some bumps on the road, and you should not have to worry if anything will get broken. Ask your friends to help you load and make sure that everything is loaded properly and tight.