Car accidents, from minor to severe, are making news almost every day. The problem is not exclusive to the USA. Every country has a fair share of car accident cases causing life casualties and property damages. Is there any way to prevent the casualties? Yes, but unfortunately, we don’t follow those. Sticking to some important guidelines can make a big difference in the number of accidents as well as casualties resulting from such mishaps.

According to a recent Las Vegas road crash report, majority of the car accidents take place due to the drivers’ negligence, drowsiness and DWI syndromes. Just imagine yourself sitting behind the wheel while returning home from the workplace. What if you feel drowsy before suddenly waking up to the blaring sound of horns and resuming control of the steering wheel? You are in luck, as you have not met an accident. But does not it sound scary? Imagining what could have happened will make you shiver.

But all are not lucky like you and many suffer physical injuries and/car damages after an accident. Some succumb to their injuries and some even die tragic death at the accident spot. Many car accidents in Las Vegas take place due to the drowsy drivers. Any person in a state of drowsiness is not fully aware of what is happening around him/her. The drowsy motorists are not on full alert of their actions and not able to figure out how they can avoid accidents.

Drowsiness Causes Accidents

When you are on the driver’s seat, taking your eyes off the road even for a second can invite hazards. The split-second decisions matter a lot in our fast-paced environment. Due to drowsiness, the drivers miss the chance of becoming alert and taking actions to prevent the tragic incidents. By falling asleep or yawning frequently, the drivers fail to avoid hazards and may collide with another vehicle, run into the pedestrians or buildings or even fall off the bridge. All these cases result into injuries, death and other casualties.

It Is Possible To Prevent Drowsy Driving

Fast-paced life leaves us with little time to have enough sleep. Though the doctors suggest 6-7 hours’ of sleep for good health and proper brain functioning, still many of us are unable to enjoy that much sleep due to our workloads. As a result, we feel drowsy at the meeting, lunch table and even the steering wheel. Drowsy driving claims life and causes casualties.

Even if you are the busiest person in the world, you must take good care of your health. Without a good amount of sleep, you can never stay in a healthy shape. Furthermore, inadequate amount of sleep for a long span of time may prevent you from thinking coherently and that will have an adverse effect on your decision-making ability. It increases the risk of accidents, thereby endangering your life as well as others’.

Therefore, it is important to go to bed earlier, catch naps whenever you get some time, have caffeinated beverages and adopt other effective measures so that you don’t doze off at the wheel.

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