Using a shop management system can revolutionize the way that you own and operate an auto body repair shop. If you have a lot of customers and lots of employees, it is crucial that you keep things organized and well-run. In the past, you might have had to use a wide range of filing techniques and paper trails to keep your files and accounts organized and easy to access. Thankfully, times have changed and it is easier than ever for you to make use of a program by Tekmetric that can change your business for the better.

Features of the Program

The Tekmetric shop management system has a wide range of features that will change your shop. Some of these features include inventory management and one-click parts ordering, instant quotes for clients, employee scheduling and work order management as well as job profitability for every single repair that you do. These features are beneficial for both large and small shops, and whether you have one single business location or run multiple shops all across the country.

Benefits of Using Shop Software

The true benefit to using a shop management system is that it makes it easier and more effective to keep track of your business endeavors. Instead of parts going low to the point where you’re paying next-day shipping to get them or for work orders to sit not being touched, the program will handle all of these everyday problems for you. Plus, the program is effortless to use and is based in the cloud, which makes it practically foolproof for those who aren’t computer-savvy or for individuals who need access even if they’re away from the business at the current moment.

The Best Brand and Choice

Tekmetric is one of the first and only shop management system options available to technicians and auto body shop owners. The company has revolutionized the way that people run their businesses and has worked diligently to improve upon their program every single day. In fact, if you are interested in how this type of program will work for you, you can download the program as a free demo and give it a quick try. Once you see how easy the program is to use and how many in-depth features it has, you’ll want to download the full version and begin to use it each and every single day.

Incorporating It Into Everyday Work

Once downloaded, the Tekmetric shop management system works seamlessly with all of your company endeavors. You will need to get your employees on board as far as using the program is concerned. They will be able to access the software from the cloud using virtually any device that they would like. A short learning curve is needed to get the hang of using the program and your workers will be well on their way to getting your shop running more efficiently in no time. Plus, the price of the Tekmetric software program is well worth what you put into it and can be affordable on just about any budget.

With so many people running their own auto body shops, it has never been easier to get work done and keep files organized than with the new Tekmetric program. Whether you have a small shop that needs minimal maintenance or you have multiple shops that require constant vigilance, the program is easy to use and highly effective. To begin, you will want to download the demo program to your computer and give it a try for yourself to see how it will work for your own business.