Getting new paint work for your car can be expensive, so it’s important you do everything possible to ensure you protect the one that came with it now. Protecting your car paint is not rocket science, and it’s not something you can’t do on your own. With the right information at your disposal, it can be very easy to protect that paint that came with your drive.

In this article, I will be showing you some tips you can use to help you protect your car paint and always maintain the shine.

#1: After Parking, Us A Car Cover

The tiniest details can make the biggest differences. This is the most basic thing you can do or start doing to preserve the lustre of your car’s painting. If you make use of a garage, good for you, you can still make use of a cover especially if you won’t be driving that car in a while, but if you park in an open space, a car cover is highly recommended. You may not see it, it may not seem harmful but in reality, the everyday dust that comes to rest on your car has a way of diminishing its skin.

#2: Wash as Regularly as Possible

The best thing you can do for your car is to get it washed at least once a week. If you’re doing it yourself, don’t use regular household detergent. They are either too acidic or alkaline and can slowly fade your car paint. Instead, opt for car shampoo and use it while washing the tires, window glasses, and the body. Drying shouldn’t be a problem as it usually dries on its own. But you should know that it is important that your car is dry for the next step.

#3: Use A Clay Bar to Remove Extra Dirt

They can be very helpful in removing invisible particles stuck on the body of your car. So get some and start putting them into use when you wash your car.

#4: Waxing

Waxing is a protective mechanism rather than for cleaning. It stops direct contact with the skin of your car from dust, direct sunlight and other impurities. Not to be applied every day, waxes can last up to six months if properly done.

#5: Use Paint Protection Films

These provide the ultimate protection for your paint. The thin film that coats the paint protects it from everything external except a deep scratch. Although its application can cost quite some amount, it is worth it and can be effective for up to five years, especially if done by a professional. That is why you should use a professional when doing this so you can be sure of getting a reliable job. You can check out companies like Proshield for a good car protection film.

#6: Have You Heard About Vinyl Wraps?

It doesn’t cost as much as a new paint application, but the thick wraps can withstand scratches and minor damages to the body so that when you unwrap, the factory paint is as good as new.