MotoConsultant is a website that gives a rating on motorcycle accessories and gadgets. This month they have a step by step buyer’s guide to the Best Motorcycle jackets.  They are reviewing 19 of the best motorcycle jackets on the market currently.

Joe Rocket Atomic 4.0 Riding Jacket Review

This motorcycle jacket comes with many features that are unique. This men’s jacket is made to modify for wear in any type of weather. It is the best jacket for riding year around. And it will not cost you a small fortune to buy.

Any weather

This jacket is made of material that is lightweight and has lots of venting on the back of the jacket. The vents are to ensure that on hot days you are not left feeling uncomfortable.

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High quality materials

The jacket is made of material which is high quality and made with a textile that is resilient to abrasions as well as heat. It comes with two zippers making the jacket completely waterproof and helps to cool the body.  When it is hot you just open the zippers to let in fresh as well as cooling air to follow in through these vents to cool. When there is a change in the weather, you only need to zip all the zippers and the vents guarantees the full liner of the sleeves can keep you warm. When the vents are closed the airflow is blocked and the lightweight jacket retains all the heat inside the jacket.


You can see this jacket for men at MotoConsultant.

Key features include:

  • Ventilation systems with waterproof zippers;
  • Sleeve removal armor;
  • Sure, fit system that is 6 points adjustments;
  • Ventilation using wind cooling wind tunnel;
  • Adjustable waistband for better fit.