Tesla car owners are not satisfied with the paint of the car. This may be there are some issues regarding the quality of the paint, or people have high expectations from an organization like Tesla. Ceramic coating is becoming more familiar with car owners. Some fanciful owners apply this coating even before taking delivery of the car. Ceramic coating is a transparent paint applied to the body of the car, which includes a liquid polymer, which builds a chemical union with the inbuilt factory paint. Once applied, it cannot be removed by other chemicals other than scrapping. This protective coating gives a lavish long-lasting look to your car. It also significantly diminishes the mark of current starches and corrosion from harmful environmental chemicals. The paint gives your car a fulsome, mega smooth, and silky appearance, which lasts for a long time.

How Ceramic coating protects your paint?

  • Ceramic coating is much thicker than wax polishing and stays for a longer period of time. As it is much harder than factory transparent paints, it protects your car against regular deterioration and environmental damage that reduces the gloss and shine of the factory paint. Try ceramic coating once, and you will see the difference. Wax and paint plaster gives only lasts for a few months and requires recurrent re-application. While these type of paints often lasts for more than eight years. It does not wash off or deteriorate like wax polish and gives your car a perfect shine and gloss, which makes your neighbor envy and you to be a proud owner.
  • Paint protection film (PPF) gives a protective cover to the car`s exterior surface. The thermoplastic polyurethane coating protects your car from scratches, dirt, and chemical contamination. It does not alter, modify the original factory paint, but gives a protective glossy transparent layer upon it. It gives a mirror-like finish, which makes your car more striking and dazzling. The coating is water-resistant, so it protects your car from water staining. The protective layer extends the life of the factory paint finish.
  • You can give your car a polish; there are two categories of polish; compounding sometimes referred to as cut polishing and finish polishing. Though they share many similarities, the purpose of the two differs. Compounding or cut polishing refers to applying a transparent coat and paint rectification technique. The transparent coat with time becomes faded, oxidized, dull, and scratched. To remove these blemishes, a compounding glue or spray is applied on the body of the car and polished with a revolving polisher. This procedure is followed by a ceramic coating. Finish polishing, as the name suggests, is done after paint modification, which gives an unblemished shiny finish.