Leather is a bendable and long-lasting material. It comes in forms of sheets. We get leather by tanning hides and skins of animals, especially cattle. The leather comes in use to make a lot of daily use items, such as shoes, belts, wallets, purses, seat covers, to name a few. Besides, it has its industrial uses too.

Many world-class leather seat cover makers use leather to make seat covers because of the outstanding physical properties of leather. The life of seat covers depends on the material of seat covers.

Properties of leather as an ideal seat cover material

  • Leather remains warm in winters and cool in summers.
  • Leather holds air within, so the seat covers become more comfortable. It does not create any problems for our skins. It is a human skin-friendly material.
  • Water vapor can pass through the leather. Hence, it absorbs human sweat, which evaporates later.
  • It is soft and can take any shape. Sewing needle can pass through it.  It is an ideal material for seat covers.
  • Leather is a very strong material that can resist wear and tear for a long time. It remains unaffected to the abrasion.

Besides the properties of leather, the life of seat covers depends on some conditions viz upkeep, maintenance, and uses.

How long do leather seat-covers last?

The life of leather seat covers is very long. It depends on various factors such as leather quality, conditions of use, and environment.

According to a rough estimate, the leather seat covers can last for five to seven years. However, we can enhance the life of the leather seat-covers by taking proper care.

How to enhance the life of seat covers?

Proper Maintenance

Leather seat covers need proper maintenance. We have to clean those regularly and use good quality leather polish.

Proper Use

We should use seats for sitting only. We should not use these for the storage of goods etc.

Avoid harsh articles

We should avoid using harsh or pointed articles on the seats, which can damage the seat covers.

Avoid excess water or liquids

Leather absorbs water quickly, making it moist. The leather is an organic material, so wet leather gives birth to fungus on it. It decreases the life of seat covers.

Avoid Excess Weight

The excess weight stretches the seat covers to a large extent. This stretching and de-stretching reduces the life of seat covers.

Final Thoughts

The leather seat covers usually last very long if the leather quality is good.  We can enhance the life of the leather seat cover by proper upkeep.