“Why do you want to join a driving school when I can teach you the basics of how to drive a car?” “Are you mad to spend money on a driving school?” “Why are you wasting money by enrolling yourself in a driving school?” “There is nothing better than learning how to drive on your own – you don’t need a driving school to be a driver!”

Such questions and random statements may have surely been thrown at you, but you shouldn’t worry at all because no matter what the others say, I know that you need a proper name like Andy1st driving school to learn how to drive.

Self-learning the art of driving is not a bad idea at all, but do you really think you can be confident enough to learn the “A-B-C” (Accelerator-Break-Clutch) of driving just like that? The best thing about enrolling in a driving school is that it develops your confidence to drive. You feel good when you have a trainer sitting next to you. Since the trainer is experienced enough in their job, they know how to help you gain enough confidence to drive on your own. Even if they can control the way you drive, they let you take your own call so that your driving skills are honed in the best manner.

Self-learning driving may seem like fun to you, but the best thing about learning at a driving school is that you meet a lot of new people. In some schools, two to three people sit together in the car and learn the process with each other. If you want to meet new people and feel motivated to learn driving, you need a driving school for yourself.  Self-learning can be quite boring at times.

When you learn driving all on your own, you are not regular. Sometimes you might not want to leave the warmth of your quilt and start your car to hone your driving skills; however, when you know that you have paid enough fee to the driving school, you are regular. You don’t feel like skipping your class because you’ve paid for every session you are expected to be a part of.

Self-learning driving is good, but it can be risky at times, especially if you don’t have someone who is a master in driving. When you are learning driving from a trainer at school, you are safe.