Road accidents are not uncommon. Dealing with it is tedious. But much worse if the vehicle involved in the accident is a rental car in Singapore. One of the most crucial things drivers should remember when they rent a car is to drive safely. Otherwise, they will face an overtaxing process of dealing with the case besides endangering their lives.

Here are the things you need to do if you get into an accident with your rental car:

  • Assess the situation.

If you get into a car collision, find a safe and secure spot to pull off. Assess yourself and the passengers and check if there are any injuries.

If the vehicle is badly wrecked, make sure to get out of it and keep a safe distance away from it in case it catches fire or explodes. Call the authorities, highway patrols and ambulances and firefighters if needed.

  • Gather information.

Don’t forget to gather information. Ask for the other parties’ full names, contact numbers, insurance company and policy number, licence number, driver’s licence, model and description of the vehicle, and accident location. You must share this information with the other drivers involved, even if your automobile is from a car leasing service in Singapore.

  • Document the situation.

Documentation is vital during accidents when you rent a car in Singapore. Take photos of your vehicle and the other parties’ car, especially the damages. Make sure to get the names of the authorities who deal with the situation. Ask for a copy of the police report.

  • Inform your rental car company.

Call the company you lease a car from in Singapore and inform them about what happened. Usually, your car rental company will ask you to fill out an incident report. They will assist you with the next steps.

  • Call your insurance company.

Call your insurance company and inform them about the accident. Ask them for the insurance coverage and claims for the rental car in Singapore.

You can avoid these tedious processes if you will always drive safely.

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