By Mike Ehline

With the rise of self driving cars technology doesn’t stop and just as driver-less Google vehicles have become mired in controversy over auto accidents, electric vehicles have other issues too.

Many of us know that Tesla has big dreams for the potential of self driving cars also know as SDCs. While the subject gets a lot of headlines, there’s often less than meets the eye. Tesla’s reputation is brand new. It still has a lot to prove.

In fact, there are more potential dangers than rewards at this stage of the game. When this will change remains anyone’s guess.

Look no further than  A large scale pipe dream explains a few main points but not much else. For families that put their lives and trust of their car, this is not reassuring. Tesla has some crucial information and photos on the site, but it is not enough. The technology is clearly still years away. When will Tesla give firm answers to how it will put these aspects into motion?

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Mired in Controversy.

News site Inverse reported on some of Tesla’s issues. This even includes complaints about poor conditions. The company also singled out an employee for whistle-blowing. This received a harsh rebuke from the UAW. Most of all, the appearance of placing profits over people is never good for consumers. As an auto accident lawyer, it is my opinion that these reliability issues could place other motorists at varying degrees of risk. Now combine this with the fact that Tesla could replace Uber/Lyft’s human drivers, and we can see where this is headed.

Injuries, accidents, and a new cottage industry for lawyers will be the outcome. All of these factors have a firm foundation. No doubt, Tesla could help Uber or Lyft avoid employment and worker comp claims, and help create a whole generation of unemployed millennials. With $15.00 an hour guaranteed for burger flippers, we have also seen fast food places go automated. All is not as it appears it seems.

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In fact, many technology and automation lobbyists are strong supporters of forced, unmeritorious wage increases. After all, who stands to benefit when employers can’t make a profit?  In any event, concerns remain about Tesla’s decades old business model. Mr. Elon Musk’s big promises often come out flat. We don’t have time for falling short. Car consumers have high standards. Of course, with so many displaced workers, it is hard to see who will be able to afford these cars.

And maybe that’s the idea? Maybe we have a whole generation who will be forced to ride in an Uber, driverless Tesla. Certainly when a auto accident takes place, the victims will rarely have jobs, or income to speak of. So what is a case like that worth to a personal injury lawyer? Answer, not much.

  • Tort Reform?

Of course, the defense bar would be very happy. So tort reformers stand to win big on this deal. Tesla has an opportunity to come clean with the public. But much of this will come only after it unveils its new self driving tech.

Consumers Win?

When the company can produce more than several thousand cars it can gain respectability. Before that, point it might not be a good idea to get your hopes up. In any event, so far we have seen car fires and other issues with car batteries.

Also, with the capability of producing hydrogen on site, and no need for coal energy, it seems lobbyists, rather than public interests have been placed at the forefront. In my opinion, the main goal should be getting vehicles off of coal and petroleum as the basis for their propulsion.