If you are a fan of the whole camping experience, then you know that you and the family can come under fire from the elements. The many times I have been camping and have experienced downpours resulting in getting damp and wet for days on end. Thankfully I saw the light early on and looked into purchasing waterproof spray camping gear. This not only kept me dry but it also lasts longer.

The backpack is one of the essential items within your camping list that you need to make sure is safe and secure, and also dry. You will be carrying most of your basic equipment in here such as torch, map, and compass. The last thing you need is to have a backpack which is not up to the job and always leaks. Make sure that you shop around for a decent one; there are many that are made from gore-tex a weatherproof material. This may be expensive, but for durability, you cannot get much better.

Shoes are also an important factor when camping. You have one of two options here you can take regular shoes or boots and apply the best waterproof spray to them which will work to some extent. The best solution though is to buy a good pair of hiking boots which are already pre-treated to resist water. There is nothing worse than walking around in the great outdoors with sopping wet boots or shoes. Remember it’s not like being at home they are not easy to dry when you are camping outdoors.

You can get the waterproof spray and water-resistant fabric; do not be fooled to think that they mean the same thing. You should check this before you purchase any of your equipment. It is always good to get the best for your money so always go down the waterproof fabric route where possible. Water-resistant camping gear will keep the water at bay for a length of time, but for long whereas if you buy anything that states it is waterproof then you can be assured that the equipment or clothing will keep water from coming in completely.

You can get many of the best deals for camping equipment on the internet, but with any clothes, for the outdoors, I would always recommend that you try them and test them out in one of the outdoor stores available. There is nothing worse buying something online thinking that it will be up to the job only to realize that it is sub-standard.