Are you eagerly to familiar regarding the latest new updates of defense news? Then you came to the right place. There are several numbers of web portal provides you latest updates regarding the defense apart from them Defence updates is the ideal platform which provides you reliable and trusted information regarding current Defence news. The web portal provides your enormous collection of defense information in an efficient manner so that you can easily understand and gain exact knowledge regarding the recent defense news. Currently, Indian Army placed an order for the 3192 TATA Safari GS800, which is a specific version for an Indian Army. On the other side, TATA Safari GS800 is a 4X4 edition comes with a power of 156 PS and 400 Nm Torque derived from the present Stome 400. Besides, 4X4 variant also comes with the features of ESOF latest technology, enabling engagement of the 4X4 or else 4X2 mode on the shift.

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About Army Safari

Indian Ministry of Defence has floated an RFP for the vehicles along with the three basic criteria such as hard roofs, a minimum payload capacity of 800 kgs and air conditioning. In fact, they set vehicles in entire trail period of 15 months in different terrains around the nation in the high demanding conditions along with the ability to cope along with tremendous on or else off-road terrains. The Scorpio was estimated however there are not much more details on how the story went along. In fact, one can so far spot few scorpions in the air force responsibilities. Right now coming back to the safari as well as here is what they determine it can provide their beloved army.

  •    Crew Console

It so far remembers old gypsy from the 80s, when it was entertaining and also lovely off-roader, it was no approach comfortable to drive for longer runs. In fact, back ached, there was not adequate space as well as ride high quality was pathetic. When individually have owned a gypsy as well as adore it, now the own brand new Safari 400 Vx 4X4 simply like the army.

  •    Weather Security

The soft top Gypsy fails to maintain the cool head in the warm and summers in winters. The weather pushes interior, India is a land of entire climates as well as terrible topped safari clearly wins the instance.

  •    Affordable Parts & Trouble Free Service

Amid SUVs, Safari has one of the reasonable and also widely accessible spare parts, as well as the TATA service network along with its army, undergo on the trucks is amid the most effective.

  •    Rough Body

The car is sure hard, heavier than much more expensive SUVs in the same class, even seen as demerits in the civil use, strong body along with the new Aria chassis as well as thicker gauge steel sheets used, spin it into the car tank hybrid. It is what the Army would love, to torture it to deliver in hard condition as well as so far stay firm.

  •    Affordable Cost

The safari has been ordered at minimum 14 lakhs per unit, and cost effective 4X4 of its class.