Remote ignition for your car might seem like a bit of a luxury but it does actually have some practical advantages.  If you are buying a new car, this might be a feature you want to consider but even if you are holding onto the car you have you can install one.


It might not seem like it but starting your car remotely can make for a more comfortable driving experience.  If you live in a particularly cold climate, you know firsthand how uncomfortable it can be to start your car.  You go outside—in the freezing cold—and then you have to sit there, in your frozen car, waiting for the engine to heat up and for the windows to defrost. If you set your thermostat and defroster before turning off your car the night before, you can start it remotely in the morning to have it warmed up before it is time to go.

Similarly you can have the fans and air conditioning set to help cool down your car on a particularly hot day.


In the same way that Tech Teinte démarreur à distance can make the car more comfortable for you, it can actually also be better for your engine.  A cold start means you need time for the fluids (oil, transmission fluid, radiator fluid, etc) to heat up and reach their appropriate operating temperature.  Trying to drive before your car properly warms up can put undue stress on your engine.


Believe it or not, a remote car starter is actually a safety feature.  For one, your key fob can help you by setting off an alarm if you feel you might be in danger.  Obviously, this helps you avoid danger.  But the remote start can also help you to get moving quicker too.  Maybe you have stopped in an unfamiliar or somewhat shady area—maybe for gas or in a parking garage where you have never been—so the remote start will let you get out and on the road home sooner.


Adding a remote start to your car is considered an after market modification. This can actually increase the resale value of your car which will come in handy if you think you might want to sell your car in the future.