Today, Mazda is now getting clear about living by the philosophy called the jinba ittai adage. This is a philosophy which dictates that both the car and driver have to be one with each other just like a well-choreographed dance duo. So you can expect that where one goes, the other shall follow. 


In that sense, the Perth Mazda 3 embodies its futuristic personality in a way that it can predict where and how the driver chooses to go.

The 2020 Mazda 3 proves itself worthy of waiting because of its sporty handling while still behaving like a Sedan. Mazda has tweaked the perfect formula for most of its consumers. Being an excellent car for both small car onlookers and those who want a premium choice. 

What’s it like to have this car? 

That’s one reason why the excellent 6-speed manual transmission is only offered on certain variants. 

When you’re looking at any car’s features the standard active safety features include automatic emergency braking, with active lane control, blind-spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, and more.

What are the Pros of buying a Mazda 3?

As a responsible car buyer, you’d like to know what other perks you will be getting with your Mazda car. Well, here’s what you have been looking for: 

1. All-Wheel Drive is now available

Mazda finally offers its popular compact car with an AWD system. This is a major plus for drivers cruising in the winter. The i-Activ AWD system automatically adapts to the varying road conditions. Fuel economy doesn’t take so much work with all-wheel drive.

2. More performance for your money

Mazda’s larger 2.5-litre SkyActiv-G engine now becomes the standard. This means that you’ll be getting a car with more performance features for your investment!

3. The all-new SkyActiv-X is available

Mazda has done its due diligence in developing an all-new SkyActiv-X engine. This is an advanced ignition system with a high compression ratio that’ll help you conserve fuel.

4. It is loaded with new safety technologies

You can take full advantage of Mazda’s all-new Driver Monitoring system. You can now monitor factors such as eye movement, especially when you’re getting sleepy. Front cross-traffic alerts and warnings have also been added to the Mazda3’s list of driver-assist technologies.

5. An improved MazdaConnect Infotainment System

What many drivers can benefit from this car is its infotainment system which is the best feature of their interior. This year, the Mazda 3 comes standard with an updated MazdaConnect technology. 

This update now includes a larger 8.8-inch infotainment system with an Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone wireless connectivity. 

This technology has been designed to minimize driving distractions, which Mazda has intended. There are sharper graphics and a better menu structure that is now more friendly to use and to navigate. This pretty much makes MazdaConnect more rewarding to use.

Mazda 3 is now more comfortable to drive

Yes, this is true! This feels like great news to us Mazda-lovers and potential owners! 

Any driver who does a lot of travel through long roads or heavy traffic definitely will appreciate the new Mazda 3’s more comfortable seating design. The new front seats provide more thigh and back support. Although ventilation isn’t available, you’ll find the heated seat cushions to be relaxing during the winter.

What makes the Mazda 3 reliable and comfortable to drive is also how easy it is to access it and how user-friendly it is. There’s comfort in safety and efficiency which Mazda promises us with!