Know how to maintain car mass air flow sensors at PartsAvatar Auto parts online and save your car from further damaging!!

Is your engine stalling in between the ride? Are you experiencing a jerky ride when pressing accelerator? If you are dealing with engine’s issues then perhaps its time to replace your car’s mass air flow sensors as they might be the root cause behind this problem!

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In this article, we shall discuss about mass air flow sensors’ importance and their malfunctioning symptoms. So, never get too late in replacing your damaged car parts because with delay your expenses might increase!

What are Mass air flow sensors?

Do you which gadget inside your car measure the amount of air entering the engine to the power train control module? This mass air flow sensor is installed between air filters and the intake manifold of the car engine. Thus it makes it a pivotal component of car’s fuel injection sensor.

The mass air flow sensor whether it is analog or digital work on hot wire principle which produces same output. In this, the sensors have a small electrically heated wire, and a temperature sensor installed near the hot wire.

It’s such a complex working thus if disturbed, could alter the efficiency of your car. The Mass air flow sensors could get damaged and contaminated. This can be due to unfiltered or clogged air filter or even malfunctioning mass air flow sensor itself could be the root cause.

Lets take a keen look at the symptoms of malfunctioning mass air flow sensors and make necessary remedies as suggested by the mechanic.

Symptoms of bad Mass air flow sensor

Mass air flow sensor, if starts malfunctioning, it wont be able to send accurate signals to the engines’ computer for the correct readings of air to be entering inside. The mixture of air and fuel either starts running too rich or too lean depending upon the problem.

First of all lets understand what are lean or rich air fuel mixtures that we are talking about. If we say lean mixture of air and fuel , it refers to the mixture in which there is more air than required to burn the fuel.

In the rich mixture, the quantity of air is very less as compared to rich amount of fuel. Both mixtures are not good for engine’s performance as both drastically impact fuel efficiency and engine’s working.

The contaminated hot wire could cause the MAFS to malfunction. The contamination could be foreign micro particles like dirt, spider web, etc. it gets attached to the oil on mass air flow sensor through air filters which requires extensive cleaning ASAP.

Keep the mass air flow sensor components clean. There are various aftermarket cleaners that are specially designed to clean mass air flow sensors available on any online car parts store or even any physical shop.

Rich or lean air fuel mixtures not only have impact on mass air flow sensors but they also impact the fuel economy of your car. If you have been frequently visiting the gas station, then there is definitely something wrong with the engine which might be associated with bad mass air flow sensor. You will have to visit a technician to decode the exact problem to you.

When inaccurate readings of air fuel mixture are sent to PCM, it results in engine to start malfunctioning resulting in rough idling or stalling. In that case, get the problem diagnosed immediately by a trusted professional.

Black smoke also emerges out of car’s exhaust if mass air flow sensor starts sending wrong readings. Moreover, if check engine light illuminates, waste no time in deciphering the code which would tell you the exact cause.

Maintenance tips for Mass air flow sensors

Make sure that you don’t run the intake without air filter.

Don’t take hasty decisions of cleaning the air flow sensors with any cleaner that comes in your hand. This is because, every cleaner is designed with respect to the specific part it has been designed for. You might end up ruining the sensor if you spray some other cleaner in order to make it dirt free. You can shop for specific cleaners which are widely available online as aftermarket products.

Make sure not to work with bare hands especially while cleaning mass air flow sensors. Do not over oil your air filter when cleaning. You can follow the cleaning process by going through car’s manual.

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