When it comes to selling a car yourself, you quickly find that this is a very intricate process. Normally the seller will use:

  • Classified ads
  • Trade-ins
  • Personal references

But unfortunately, most people end up making next to nothing selling a car themselves.


But that can change if you sell your car through cashyourcaruae.com. This is because after 50 years in the international car industry they are the choice with over 5000 sellers in the UAE.

Car valuation calculator

So, if you want to sell your second-hand car but just aren’t getting the right price, this company has on their website the “car valuation calculator” only for you and your used car. This valuation tool will process all the car’s information in only seconds and will give you the very highest price for your used car.

Reasons why

This is why you will hear many say “sell my car Dubai”. There are 6 reasons why this is the best choice, including:

  • Easy – will buy your car no matter the year or the condition;
  • Fast – leave with cash in almost 30 minutes;
  • Fair – will get the market price for your car;
  • Finance – will settle payments or fines and pay you the balance;
  • Assurance – beats any handwritten offer;
  • Trusted – choice of hundreds in UAE.

Leading UAE business

This business is one of the UAE best known and leading used auto buyers and is also a family-owned business since 2001. They have a reputation for many satisfied customers and you can hear these customers’ video reviews on cashyourcaruae.com. Best of all – they have a history which is easy to verify and anything you do on the internet needs to be researched and verified.


This business has been built on volume; they buy hundreds of used cars every month. Because of this volume, they can offer you the very best price for your car and this is based on the expert accumulated knowledge in the market of used cars.

Before you waste another day trying to sell your car, check the website at cashyourcaruae.com.