What is a vehicle wrap?

These are large sheets of vinyl film designed for different types of cars and other vehicles. They come in all shapes and sizes, and they have an adhesive back for quick installation. Some vehicle wraps may come in unique finishes such as satin, matte, and gloss. They may contain photos, imagery, graphics, and other branded elements.  

How much do the vehicle wraps cost?

The cost may vary on a wide range of factors such as the style of wrap (full or partial), a material used in making the wraps, graphics, etc. Each vehicle and its application differ widely, and the price may also vary accordingly. For example, the full wraps come with inner doorframes, doorjambs, and sills; while the partial wraps do not include these.

Will a vehicle wrap damage the paint?

No, if the installation is done correctly by a professional. However, if the wrap is installed in the wrong way, it can be damaged due to poor adhesion or razor blade scratches. Using the wrong kind of film can also result in damaging the paint. You must also be careful when removing the wrap from the car’s surface and do it with care.

How long do the vehicle wraps last?

The life of vehicle wraps depends largely on how well you take care of the film and the day-to-day stress they are exposed to. Some films can last longer than others. The thicker ones can take a lot of beating and sustain damages.

What are the different vehicle wrap options available?

You can find limitless design options for vehicle wraps, and some of the popular ones include the 3M Print Wrap Film Series that comes in over a hundred textures and colors. You may choose to opt for a single color and finish or go with multiple custom combinations.

​Is It Possible To Remove Vehicle Wraps?

Yes, of course! You may remove the vehicle wraps, but the process may be slightly tedious. The vehicle wrap installation companies also offer removal services. It is recommended to get wraps removed by professionals to avoid damaging your vehicle. If you wish to get back to fresh paint, you may do it anytime.

Can you wrap a vehicle with paint scratches, rust, or dent?

The vinyl vehicle wrap has a thin film that beautifully conforms to any contours of the vehicle. If there are any imperfections such as paint chips, rust, dent, or scratches, the wrap can be successfully installed on the surface.

Where To Hire An Actual Wrap Company?

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