It takes around 27 seconds to make a winning impression and, as consumers are bombarded with thousands of ads, you must cut through the noise.   

car wraps chesapeake, va are a fantastic way to do this as it lets you stay in the forefront of viewers’ minds. Perhaps you’ve considered getting a vehicle wrap to advertise your business, but you’re not sure whether it’s worth it.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here is everything you need to know about car wraps.  

Unlimited Advertising

Before we answer “how much to wrap a car?” it’s important to know what it is.

Custom car wraps are made from vinyl and have eye-catching graphics, useful for businesses. You can choose your brand colors, logo, and contact details so that passersby instantly know who you are and how to contact you. 

One of the biggest benefits of car wraps is unlimited advertising. Unlike print or social media ads, you can use your advert infinite times, or at least whenever you drive your car. Because of this, thousands of people are exposed to your advert when you’re stuck in traffic or rolling through the high street. 

Further, most forms of advertising are passive and rely on prospects knowing your business beforehand. But car wrap marketing lets you make an impression on new prospects and secure leads.


Businesses should also use this method of marketing because it’s cost-effective. Simply pay the affordable car wrap cost and then you’re sorted. You needn’t constantly update the advert as it’s already there, meaning vehicle wraps provide an excellent ROI for businesses. 

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Easy to Change 

Another reason to vinyl wrap a car is because they’re easy to change.

If you’ve changed your logo or want to advertise a new aspect of your business, simply get the wrap professionally removed and start again. This saves you a fortune as you needn’t splurge on a new vehicle for your fleet.

Target Local Customers

A car wrap also lets you raise brand awareness in your area.

Many businesses prefer using localized advertising, rather than a cookie-cookie approach. This is especially important if you offer a service and need to reach customers in your town or city. 

Protects Your Paint

Car wraps are also a fantastic way to extend the lifespan of your vehicle’s paintwork. It’s a protective layer so that dings from stones or road damage won’t appear on your car. Because of this, it won’t affect the resale of your vehicle and you needn’t pay for any scratch repairs. 

Choose Car Wraps Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will use car wraps to advertise your business. 

Vehicle wraps let you advertise your business with minimal effort and cost, lets you tap into your local customer base, and are easy to change. What’s not to love? Found this helpful? Then check out the rest of our blog for similar content.