The truck industry is expected to be worth roughly $800 billion. With such a large industry, what happens when the trucks we rely on need repairing?

commercial truck repair chatsworth ga is important and if you have a truck then there are some things you should know.

If you don’t know how to take care of your truck then you may end up forking out a lot of money for problems that could’ve been easily fixed.

So to learn more about how to maintain truck suspensions effectively, keep reading to discover the key steps that you should take.

Why Truck Suspensions Fail

Getting your suspension fixed doesn’t have to be an expensive operation. Before we talk about how to get it done it’s good to cover the reasons why suspensions fail, so let’s go through that now.

In general, there are a few main reasons why suspension fails.


One of the most common reasons why suspensions fail is corrosion. Unfortunately for anybody who owns a truck, this is the exact opposite of what you want to happen.

However, it’s more common than you may expect. The corrosion can take place fairly quickly if your truck isn’t properly maintained and once it begins to touch the suspension that’s when problems arise.

Premature Wear and Tear

Another way that your suspension may fail is due to it getting worn out prematurely. This can mean that you are overusing your truck or perhaps using your truck carelessly.

Once this happens the stress and pressure that you are putting your truck under becomes too much. Then the suspension starts to break down and this can cause bigger problems in the long run.


How to Inspect Your Truck Suspension

When it comes to inspecting your truck suspension, there are a few key things that you should know. It may seem complicated at first but if you take it slow and ensure you do your inspection properly it’s fairly straightforward.

Pay Attention to Anything Unusual 

The first thing you should do is pay attention to anything unusual in your truck. This can be things like squeakiness or an imbalance when you are driving.

It may sound small but these small issues can create big problems.

Test the Suspension 

Another way you can inspect your truck suspension is by testing the suspension. You can do this by pushing down the front of your truck. If your truck springs back normally then it should be fine.

However, if your truck bounces up and down multiple times then your suspension may be a problem.

Repairing Common Truck Suspension Problems

When it comes to getting your truck repaired, you have a few different options. One option is that you can find a service that can do it for you.

This means you can take your truck to a garage or other truck servicing option near you. However, this may be costly and you may have to wait to get your truck repaired if the garage is busy.

The other option is that you can repair the truck suspension yourself. While this isn’t the number one choice for everyone or always possible, some people prefer to repair their truck suspension themselves.

Alignment Issues

One of the most common truck suspension problems you may find is that your wheels aren’t aligned.

You can tell if this is the problem by checking your tire pressure and car specifications to ensure that they are correct and fixing them if they are off.

Steering Is Off

Another common truck suspension problem is that your steering is off. This one is more serious as it could potentially cause you to crash.

As you are driving along you may notice that your steering isn’t quite right. If it’s moving unusually or giving your resistance then it may be the suspension.

When to Replace Your Truck Suspension

In some cases, your truck suspension may be beyond repair. When this happens the best solution may be to get new truck parts and get your suspension replaced.

Because of how complex trucks can be there are many reasons why your truck suspension may need to be replaced but here are a few of the top reasons.

Your Mileage Is High

It’s important to know when your mileage is high so you can be sure when your suspension needs replacing. One recommendation that many commercial truck professionals make is that you should change your suspension every 50,000 to 100,000 miles.

This helps to ensure that you avoid suspension problems from arising. Typically if you continue using the same suspension after this amount of miles then you can expect to see problems.

Steering Is Pulling

Another sign your suspension needs replaced is when your steering is pulling very strongly on its own.

As we’ve mentioned before, if you don’t get it fixed this can cause you to crash so if you ever find your steering wheel doing this you should pay attention to it.

Braking Problems

Aside from steering, braking problems can also mean your truck suspension needs replaced. If your braking isn’t working properly this can be dangerous not only for you but also for other road users.

So when your braking starts to cause problems, it may be time to get your suspension fixed.

Maintaining Your Truck Suspension

Another important part of taking care of your truck suspension is maintaining it. Doing a few checks can go a long way for truck maintenance.

Check Your Tires 

One way you can maintain your suspension is by checking the air in your tires. This is a fairly simple task but it can save you a lot of problems in the long run.

Tires don’t only need their pressure checked but you also need to check their quality. Having poor quality tires can affect your suspension so you should check your tire tread to ensure that it is still intact.

Get Your Wheels Aligned 

Another way to maintain your suspension is to get your wheels aligned. This can be done during your car inspection but if you feel like it needs to be done sooner then you can always take it to your local garage.

When inspecting your truck it’s important to be thorough as you may find other repairs that need to be made, for example, diesel repair.

Get Information on Truck Suspensions

Understanding the importance of having your truck suspension fixed is crucial. Once you know how to maintain and repair your truck taking care of it becomes much easier.

If you are ever stuck with a truck suspension issue, be sure to come back to this article for advice.