Physical aggressiveness, huge and bulky exoskeleton, along with massive wheels. This particular combination sets the astounding Toyota Land Cruiser way above its competitors. The wildness of the massive SUV is beyond the charts and with given such authority on the roads, this thing runs on wheels like a king taking a pride walk in his garden. The massive engine produces thundering power that shakes the road when run through rough roads. Its breathtaking visuals of the beautiful exterior and interior make this gigantic beast the ultimate king of the road.

Make the king more powerful!

Despite the fact that this gigantic beast already has such power and authority on the road, there is a chance to make it even greater, even better in terms of its exterior modification that can even increase its authority to a better level. Hence, to help you in that aspect, We have compiled a list of the aftermarket modifications that you can apply to your Toyota Land Cruiser to make it more prominent on the road.

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Toyota Land Cruiser FJ200 Limgene Style Body Kit:

We have enlisted this modification as our top choice as it completely transforms your regular Land Cruiser into a more powerful and bulkier shape. You can get a complete transformation in the front part of your SUV. This Limgene Style Body Kit modification consists of a huge and massive front grille that covers almost all the front. The grille bars are chromed out for a more premium finish. A prominent chrome bar makes its way on the very top of the grille. Two other chromed bars wrap the overall grille from the sides and exhibit an overall muscular shape.

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Toyota Land Cruiser FJ200 Lexus Style Headlamps:

An ideology of perfect customization never reaches its completion without the addition of the sharp, crystallized, mean headlights that deliver a unique prominence of the vehicle on the roads. That is why we recommend going for the FJ200 Lexus Style Headlamps. These distinctive headlamps are specially designed to improve the aesthetics of the SUV by bringing up more value on the road. Three prominent DRL bars surround the projector lamps in the front with the LED indicator covering the bottom of the headlight. This particular style is known for its usage in Lexus models. When applied to the Land Cruiser, it further enhances the looks of the SUV.

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Toyota Land Cruiser FJ200 Mid Spoiler:

The Mid Spoiler is somewhat of an additional accessory that improves the looks of the SUV from the back. This mid-extension gives a sportier look and covers the blank space beneath the rear windshield. If you’re looking for a better and sportier look for your Land Cruiser FJ200 from the rear end, this mid spoiler can be the accessory you do not want to miss.

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