Your BMW is a luxury car you drive with pride. It is a finely tuned machine and one of the best cars on the road. With regular and proper maintenance your car will run smoothly for years. Remember that even the best cars, consistent driving causes wear and tear. When you take care of your BMW and listen to what it needs your car will remain in tip-top shape for many years to come.

  1. Check Your Tires Monthly

Your gorgeous car runs on four wheels and those tires need to be regularly checked to continue running smoothly. Check the status of your tires monthly. If you have a newer model BMW the computer will monitor air pressure. The computer can not monitor the uneven wear that indicates your BMW’s required alignment.

  1.  Check Rubber Hoses and Gaskets

Don’t just drive your vehicle off the lot and think that is the end of it. As you drive your car it is important to check it regularly. Get under the hood and examine your engine’s rubber hoses and gaskets. Check for cracks or faulty seals that lead to diminished performance and a potential breakdown.

  1.  Change Oil Every 7,500 miles

Some rules are meant to be broken and just because the book tells you one thing doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do the other. Increase the lifespan of your engine by changing your oil more frequently. BMW instructs you to change your oil at every 15,000 miles but if you change it at 7,500 miles your car’s lifespan will be increased.

  1.  Check Spark Plugs and Filters

Some cars tell you everything and all you have to do is listen but if you are an owner of a newer model BMW your vehicle will not tell you when to check your spark plugs and air filters. Spark plugs are changed at specific intervals on each engine and air filters need to be visually inspected at each oil change. Your car will not alert you when this is needed. Bring in your BMW periodically to check the spark plugs and air filters.

  1. Use BMW Recommended Parts

In order to keep your BMW in tip-top shape only use parts that are made specifically for your vehicle. You can find them at specialty shops or take your car to the BMW garage to get it serviced. Only use oil that is specifically made for your vehicle. Castrol synthetic oil functions at a higher level than conventional motor oils and requires fewer changes and works best in your BMW.

Your BMW cost you a pretty penny but it is only worth the price if you take care of it. Performing regular maintenance on your vehicle is the best way to ensure that your car has a long lifespan. Using the right parts and oils also play a big part in the extended life of your vehicle. Taking care of your BMW may seem like a hassle but if you get the job done it will make life easier down the road. Take your car to the proper shops and get it the proper parts for a vehicle that will be with you for many years to come.

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