For every car you drive, there’s a chance that it will break down in the middle of the road. Like any other machine, cars also need regular maintenance and checks. When problems are left unattended, they could escalate to a more severe problem. Severe car problems can lead to very expensive repairs to auto shops.

In order to avoid spending hundreds of dollars for repairs on your car, it’s best to perform maintenance checks every now and then. But if you’re someone who is always on the rush, here are some problems that you need to have it checked immediately.


It’s common sense as to why you should always keep your brakes in tip top shape. Most accidents on the road are caused by faulty brakes due to negligence. Make sure to have it repaired once you are experiencing unusual activity with your brakes such as loud noises or the sudden change from hard to soft press and vice versa.Image result for 5 Dangerous Car Problems You Should Fix Immediately


The same thing happens with the car’s transmission. A car’s transmission is composed of a lot of small parts and passageways for hydraulic fluid. It is important to always keep the transmission in excellent condition. Problems usually arise due to improper cleaning of the transmission. So when you start to hear grinding noises in your transmission, better have the mechanic check it.

Oil Light

The oil light is one of the important features in a car. This indicates if your car is low on oil. Driving while having a low level of oil can permanently damage your engine. Engine repairs aren’t cheap. There are instances that the oil light indicator blinks frequently. This indicates that you might be leaking oil or burning it. Once it happens, contact your mechanic immediately.

CV Joints

CV or “Continuous Velocity” joints are the ones responsible for sending power from the engine to the wheels. They are mostly present whenever the car makes a turn. Lubricants help them to be in their best performance. Failing to maintain them or placing the wrong lubricant will result in failure of the CV joints. When driving, try to listen to for sounds whenever you make a turn. If you are hearing loud and grinding noises whenever you turn a curve, it means that your CV joints are starting to fail. Once they do, they will not be able to transmit power from the engine to the wheels. And if they don’t, it’ll leave you stranded in the middle of the road. So when that happens, bring your car over to a mechanic.

Wheel Bearings

So you’re on the road, minding your own business when you suddenly hear a grinding sound coming from your car. No, it’s not the car’s “stomach” growling but rather the wheel bearings. Wheel bearings are located at the wheels of your car and are responsible for keeping the friction in check. When you hear a grinding sound coming from your vehicle, that’s the time that your bearings would need replacement.

Fix your car before it’s too late. Check out these bearings and we’re sure there’ll be a perfect one for your car!