You may have joined a specific driving school and your friend may have joined another one – how do you know if you are getting the best driving lessons or at least as good as your friend is getting?

You may have had a word with your friend and they may have told you about all the good things they get to learn at their driving school; now, you want to know if your driving school is better or not. Schools like  are known for their amazing lessons. There are ways in which you can find out if you are receiving amazing driving lessons or not. Here are the things you need to look for while being trained:

  1. The lessons include both, practical as well as theoretical stuff: Are the trainers providing you with enough theoretical lessons as well? If yes, you might want to continue with the school.
  2. Your trainer is polite: There can be nothing better than having a polite driving trainer for yourself. Not all the trainers are this good!
  3. Your trainer makes you feel comfortable: Your trainer has to make you feel comfortable so that you can ask them any question you have in your heart.
  4. You weren’t comfortable with a specific trainer and the driving school changed the trainer for you: How did the training school react when you said you weren’t comfortable with a specific trainer? Did they force you to learn from them or did they change them for you?
  5. You are not forced to pay an unnecessary amount of money to learn how to drive: If you are being given driving lessons at affordable rates, nothing can be better.
  6. Your trainer listens to you when you talk about the troubles you face while driving: Your driving related issues and phobias have to be paid attention to!
  7. You have been told to customize your driving lesson: If you can customize your driving lessons, there’s nothing like it. You are in the best driving school for sure.
  8. Your trainer trains you for the driving test: Ultimately, you have to be prepared for the driving test. If you can’t clear it, you won’t get the license to drive.

Don’t compare your driving lessons with those of your friend’s; if you have enrolled for a name like Andy1st, you should be least bothered about comparisons because you know you have gotten the best training school for yourself.