Since I moved to a new area, I had not visited a model cars shop in a long time.  Going to the shop to check out the latest model cars was something that my kids and I used to do every single weekend, and it was a tradition that we definitely missed when we moved to a new area. I did not know of a shop near our new home, and that was something that was definitely concerning. Both my son and daughter love browsing different model cars, and on those special weekends, we would always end up going home with a few of them.  My daughter loves VW Bugs, and my son is a big fan of V8 Supercars. They do have differing interests, and so I always thought it would be nice to find a model cars shop that had something they would both enjoy.

Then, one Saturday while we were watching the races, a commercial came on for a local shop called Car Models of Braidwood.  Judging by the commercial, this shop was absolutely huge, and we could even see some of our favourite types of model cars. Almost instantly after the commercial aired, both my children began begging me to take them there.  Of course, I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I got a little bit excited about it myself. That very next weekend, we decided to take a trip out to the shop in order to see what sort of selection they had. My goodness, were we impressed!

The first thing that I noticed was how friendly and helpful the staff was.  The moment we walked in the door, a young man came and greeted us and told us that if we needed any help finding anything, he would be happy to help.  He showed us the types of model cars that we all love, and he and I ended up having a long conversation about the shop. He told me that they were family owned and operated, which was something that definitely impressed me and made me want to support them as a company.  Of course, the fact that they had the largest selection with some of the best prices I had ever come across certainly didn’t hurt one bit.

My son and daughter each went home with a new model car that day, and we were all excited knowing that we had a great model cars shop in our area.  I went ahead and signed up for their email newsletter so that I would always know when they had new model cars in stock. I checked out their website, as well, which was impressive, but seeing as how they aren’t very far from our house, we would all much rather go directly to the physical shop instead of just ordering cars over the internet.  All in all, it was a great experience, and I am very glad that we now know where to take our model car trips every weekend.