When it comes to choosing a new car, it can be quite a difficult decision, especially with so many different options out there to choose from.

There are more manufacturers than ever, cars are cheaper than ever, and the tech is so advanced that you can sometimes feel like you’re driving a spaceship. You can opt for a hybrid, an electric car, and even a car that understands your voice.

So which one do you choose?

Whilst a Volkswagen may not be top of your list after the 2015 emissions scandal, we think it’s still a pretty good bet for your next car, so we’ve found five reasons to opt for a VW.

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Excellent safety track record

One of the most important things to look for when buying a new car is its level of safety as, at the end of the day, arriving at your destination in one piece should definitely be a top priority.

In this respect, Volkswagens are top of their field and have consistently high safety ratings from Euro NCAP, the European car safety performance assessment programme in Brussels.

In fact, half of the Best in Class Cars of 2017 were VWs, with the VW Arteon, T-Roc and Polo clinching top spots.


Although safety is important, aesthetics obviously comes into the mix too, with many of us wanting a car that stands out.

And, how many other manufacturers can boast such a line of iconic models?

From the VW Camper to the VW Beetle and beyond, Volkswagens offer a whole range of cool cars to choose from.

Plus, if you’re more interested in sleek, modern designs, then the VW Golf range was recently voted one of the best hatchback cars of 2017-2018. 


As we work to combat climate change and create a more sustainable future, it follows suit that car manufacturers must work to improve their current technology.

But, whilst most manufacturers have taken a tentative step in this direction, VW is actively working to create sustainable vehicles in the future.

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From the e-Golf and e-Up!, electric versions of their popular petrol models, to the Golf and Passat GTE hybrids, Volkswagen are working towards alternative energies at a greater speed than lots of other manufacturers.

Great value

One of the things that Volkswagen prides itself on is providing luxury cars without the luxury price tags, offering their customers great value for money in comparison to some of their competitors.

In fact, some of their higher-end models tend to start at a lower price than the entry-level models of more expensive manufacturers.

Plus, according to this article from WhatCar?, VW models retain above average value compared to competitors, making them a great long-term investment.


Volkswagens have sometimes had a bit of a reputation for being the boring, reliable, dads of the car family, in comparison to the flashy older brothers in the form of BMW and Mercedes.

However, this reliability is nothing to be scoffed at. We spoke to VW Motor Parts, who said: “In terms of reliability, Volkswagens are up there with the best. The VW Polo, Fox, Beetle and Golf are often voted as some of the most reliable cars by consumers and, should you need repairs, replacement parts are extremely high quality.”