Having a dependable vehicle in your life is something you would love to think is a given.

As it turns out, you may be one of countless individuals who find that thought to be far from the truth.

From an auto that is a lemon to not caring for it, you could often be stuck on the side of the road or unable to leave your home.

That said it is important to do all you can to take care of your vehicle on a regular basis.

So, is your vehicle one you can depend on?
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Be Smart and Careful at the Same Time

As much as you try and save money or push your luck, you may find your vehicle finally giving out on you.

Here are a few keys to lessening the odds of being in a precarious position by the vehicle you drive:

  1. Regular maintenance – Regular vehicle checkups are imperative. With that in mind, do not skip auto manufacturer recommended maintenance. This means not only regular oil changes and other fluid checks, but also mileage checkups. If you sense something is wrong with your brakes, tires, or anything related to engine care, check on it. Those brakes and tires are especially important for safety reasons. With the brakes, listen for any repetitive squeaking. Such a noise is usually the first sign that the brakes need attention. With your tires, you want to be alert to reduced tread and lower tire pressure. Both can lead to an accident.
  2. Getting help when you need it – Should your vehicle break down, the first goal is to get it and you safe to the side of the road. Yes, there are times when vehicles will come to a stop in the middle of traffic. If that happens in your case, put your hazard lights on and don’t exit the vehicle immediately. Your first inclination may be to get out, but you could end up hit by a passing vehicle. If the problem is more than a temporary stall, do all you can to get the vehicle and you out of traffic. Also make sure you have your cell phone on you so can make a call for any tow trucks in the area. The same holds true if you are unfortunately in an accident. Being in a safe spot and getting help there as soon as possible are always your two priorities.

  1. Time to change – If your auto is often at a shop getting replacement parts or on the side of the road, it may be time for a change. Yes, you may not want to spend the money. That said you could be throwing away money by always pouring it into one that is not dependable.

In having a vehicle you can depend on, are you driven to drive off with the best one possible?

If you haven’t been up to this point, pull forward on getting a safer and more reliable ride.