There is a risk when buying used bike because there is no guarantee that the used motorbike you bought will have good, lasting performance like an almost new bike. Just from the test ride on the bike alone will not reveal the actual condition of the bike, sometimes there are hidden issue which are not obvious to the interested buyer.

If you are thinking of buying a used Honda bike, take along someone who is knowledgeable about used bike. There are certain things to check out because Oem Honda dirt bike parts may not be easy to get and they can be costly too.

  • Check the outward physical appearance of the bike if it is well taken care of.
  • Check for frame damage, unusual bends or cracks in case it has been involved in major crash.
  • Check the wheels for bends or cracks and that the wheels shouldn’t wobble.
  • Check condition of tires – changing a new set of tires involves extra cost.
  • Check the condition of the suspension.
  • Check wheel bearings by moving the wheels from side to side. They might need to be changed.
  • Check the chain and sprockets, whether the chain is well greased or needs replacement.
  • Check the brakes pads for wear, brake fluid, etc.
  • Check the handlebars for bents.
  • Check the engine noise, listen for rattling or ticking.
  • Check the gears and clutch for smooth transmission.
  • Check the headlight. Sourcing for aftermarket motorcycle headlight assembly may takes time and may not be cheap.

There are more to this list but these are some of the checks that you can do. If after the checks, you find that you will need to spend a lot of money for replacements or repair, then it is better to look for another bike. You can also check out on reviews concerning the specific model of bike that you are interested in. Do not rush into any purchase if you are not confident of the bike, better to wait than to regret later.

Once you have taken possession of the used bike, you might want to change some of the parts. Websites like deals in Oem parts and aftermarket parts. To look for the specific parts, you can key in the brand, year and model to search for the available part. For more details, you can visit the website and have a live chat with one of the experts concerning the bike parts.